There will be all options for Afghanistan: the United States

The United States has said it will consider all options at the negotiating table for Afghanistan. However, no decision has been made yet about the 2,500 troops in Afghanistan.

options for Afghanistan

The remarks came after US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken emphasized the importance of peace talks in Afghanistan.

A letter from Blinken to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was recently published in the Afghan media ToloNews. The US media also confirmed the letter in the New York Times. The New York Times reports that the United States will withdraw all troops from Afghanistan before May.

A State Department spokesman declined to comment, saying he had not confirmed the letter to Reuters. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. But all options will be open for discussion.

According to the letter, the United States expects high-level diplomatic efforts to resolve the Afghan crisis and reach a permanent ceasefire.

According to Reuters, the letter said the United States would call on the foreign ministers of Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, India and the United States to come together to discuss peace in Afghanistan. The letter added that the United States would urge Turkey to host the high-level meeting.

Attacks in Afghanistan have increased in recent times. The number of casualties in these attacks is also high. US Secretary of State Blinken has expressed concern about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. He feared that the withdrawal of troops would worsen the security situation in the region. The Taliban will take more territory. "I hope President Gani understands the importance of my words," Blinken said.

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