House Construction Tips

House Construction Tips

Do not begin house construction without a map

Do not begin house construction without a map. A professional should build the map. In most cases, the cost of constructing a home ranges from 10 lakhs to crores. In addition, the cost of making a house map is less than 1% of overall costs. The map is essential for a good conclusion. As a result, the map must be created before the construction can begin.

Joining your house to another house is not a smart idea specially if you don't see pre-owned excavator deals. Since rainwater will begin to seep into the building that is larger in size, as well as the house itself. The gap between the house and the ground should be at least 1 inch.

Use High Quality Bricks

Bricks are the most important part of construction. You need to use the high quality bricks in your house construction. There are several types of bricks available in the market but clay brunette bricks are the best for home construction. ShaheenBricks is manufacturing the best bricks in Pakistan.

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Build House 1 Feet above Surface of street

A house should be built at a height of one foot above the surface of a street so that water flows smoothly and rainwater does not enter the house. The entry route for a car or other vehicles, on the other hand, should be unchanged.

In narrow streets, it seems that people build larger houses. Bear in mind that the value of your home is determined by its location. The value of a house rises when the environment and position are accessible and spacious.

Do not build your home's walls in a warped Form

Do not build your home's walls in a warped or distorted form. This will not only make the room look unattractive, but it will also make it impossible to carpet the room. It will also have an effect on the value of the home.

Keep the house's base in good condition

Keep the house's base in good condition. If your home is a single storey or a two-story, you should still lay a sturdy base.

Avoid using rounded stone

Avoid using rounded stone in the construction of your home because they are unable to hold cement securely, resulting in weak construction.

Maintain a minimum roof height of 10 feet. Since the houses with lower elevations are colder in the summer.

Keep the window on the west side of the house closed

Keep the window on the west side of the house closed. As a result of the sunlight, your house gets colder. It is more fitting to have them on the south side

The courtyard seems to have been overlooked in the most recent building. As a result, house prices are that. The courtyard size in 10 Marla houses is typically one to one and a half Marla, which is not ideal. We can keep the courtyard's size larger so that children have space to play and plants and grass can be grown there. Since greenery gives you a feeling of well-being. Aside from that, the lack of access to greenery in your home will lead to depression and obesity.

Make the house's architecture

Make the house's architecture so that light can pass through every room. And you don't have to spend a lot of money on artificial lighting.

Water the concrete

Water the concrete, particularly in the summer. If you don't do it right, the cement's longevity can drop by 20 to 50 percent.

Marble should not be brushed

Marble should not be brushed, and slippery tiles should not be used. If you have children, make sure you don't use slippery tiles because they can hurt themselves if they fall down.

If you're making a chip floor, don't forget to add powder to the mix. There will be no cracks in the floor if you use powder, the floor will shine, and polishing will be easy.

Do not leave sewage pipes open

Do not leave sewage pipes open because rats like to come through them. And if a small hole remains open in the gutter pipes, you can encounter a swarm of mosquitoes. Large projects use specialist Pipework Contractors to ensure everything is in order.

Water tanks in black colour should not be used

Water tanks in black colour should not be used because the black colour allows the water to become colder. That is why blue-colored water tanks are used. While white coloured water tanks are not readily available on the market, you can colour the tanks yourself.

Make sure underground water tanks aren't too close to the gutter. To transfer water to higher water tanks, use small pumps.

In small houses, avoid growing vegetables that attract mosquitoes, such as pumpkins, cabbage, and cauliflower.

You will notice a reduction in mosquitoes and insects if you grow mint plants. Aside from that, cracks and gaps in the floor become breeding grounds for insects. Visit ShaheenBricks to buy the best bricks in Pakistan.

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