Gratis: E-koncert med Mads Langer Live Stream online

Gratis: E-koncert med Mads Langer – fra Musikkens Hus i Aalborg | E-koncert med Mads Langer | Mads Langer Live Concert | Mads Langer E-koncert Live Online | Mads Langer Live Stream.

Gratis: E-koncert med Mads Langer

But in these times we have to "make do", and the many Thursdays we get the opportunity to get some of the magic home in the living rooms.

Gratis: E-koncert med Mads Langer

Musikkens Hus is ready with the concept E-concerts, which are streamed free of charge from their Facebook page every Thursday from 7.30 pm.

This week's E-concert will alternately be a classical concert with musicians from the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and a rhythmic concert with a big Danish name," they write about the concept.

The first big Danish name is none other than Mads Langer, and you can experience him LIVE for free tonight on Facebook at 19.30.

Free: E-concert with Mads Langer - from Musikkens Hus in Aalborg

For the next many Thursdays, we will send culture vitamins out through the screen when we stream free e-concerts from Musikkens Hus - right here on Facebook.

The program will alternately offer rhythmic and classical concerts, and on Thursday 18 March we are proud to present Mads Langer.

So site down comfortably with your loved ones, and watch from home when the Danish singer-songwriter once again occupies the Nordic region's perhaps most beautiful concert hall.

We have several times had the pleasure of Mads Langer in Musikkens Hus in Aalborg, and also this time you can look forward to a moving concert, where Mads with his usual charm and superior musicality will play several of his biggest hits.

See with at. 19.30 right here on Facebook - and feel free to follow this event so you get a reminder on the day of the concert.

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