The court sentenced the reader to contempt in Malaysia

Malaysia's attorney general complained in an application filed in court last year that Malaysia Kini had published five comments made by readers on its website that had eroded people's confidence in the judiciary. The court has insulted the news portal and its editor-in-chief Steven Gunn by publishing these comments.

During the hearing of the case, a bench of judges of the Federal Court of Malaysia said in a rule today that Malaysia has full responsibility for everything that has been published on its website. However, the court excluded Steven Gunn from this liability.

Malaysia will not be able to appeal against the ruling in the country's highest court. However, the news portal and its editor-in-chief have already denied the allegations against them. Defendants claim they removed the comments shortly after police contacted them.

There was no immediate word from Malaysian kini or its editor-in-chief's lawyer on the court's ruling.

In recent years, Malaysia has gradually improved in the global free media index. However, various human rights groups have complained that since the change of government in March last year, there has been renewed pressure on freedom of expression and the media in the country. However, the government has denied the allegations.

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