SK Sur Chowdhury and Shah Alam's bank account summons in bd

 The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has summoned the bank account of Sitangshu Kumar Sur Chowdhury, former deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank. He is better known as SK Sur Chowdhury. At the same time, the bank account of his wife Suparna Sur Chowdhury has also been sought.

The letter of summons from the NBR's Central Intelligence Cell reached all the banks on Monday. The NBR sent the letter last Thursday.

The same letter also sought information on the accounts of Shah Alam, the current executive director of Bangladesh Bank. Besides, tax detectives have sought all kinds of bank accounts of his two wives Shaheen Akhter Shelley and Nasrin Begum. However, their separate addresses have been used.

SK Sur Chowdhury and Shah Alam have been accused of taking bribes from various financial institutions to suppress corruption. In a statement to the court, Rashedul Haque, former managing director (MD) of International Leasing, said that Reliance Finance and International Leasing used to pay inspection officers of Bangladesh Bank Tk 5 to 7 lakh to cover irregularities in financial institutions.

Ujjwal Kumar Nandi, former chairman of People's Leasing, said in a confessional statement to the court that Shah Alam, a deputy governor of Bangladesh Bank and the then general manager of financial institutions and markets, and others had spent seven and a half years (2009-15) to suppress irregularities in financial institutions. Money has been bribed. The documents state that the money was used to buy "valuable gifts for some VIPs".

And the then General Manager of the Financial Institutions and Markets Department of the Central Bank, Shah Alam, was paid two lakh rupees per month. Former Deputy Governor SK Sur Chowdhury used to 'manage' the irregularities and corruption of financial institutions.

The committee has already been approved by Governor Fazle Kabir. The committee, headed by Deputy Governor AKM Sajedur Rahman Khan, will submit its report within three months.

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