Leave your Comfort Zone Behind and Take a Two-Wheel Big Bike Holiday

If you live in the UK, you will have noticed that the summer seems to attract thousands of big bikes, which are noticeably absent other times of the year, and the reason for this is the sudden surge in popularity for big bike touring. Of course, you might already be a seasoned biker and eagerly waiting for the Spring Bank Holiday, which signals the arrival of the riding season, indeed, many riders have a full calendar for all their free time, at least until the end of September, when they reluctantly garage their bike.

Thrilling Experience

These two words perhaps best describe how it feels to be astride a 650cc motorcycle with close to 100hp at your disposal and opening her up on a stretch of open road is definitely a rush. Of course, we are not advocating speeding, rather using the power for short bursts of acceleration, and as you become more competent as a rider, you can upgrade to a bigger, more powerful bike.

Way of Life

Once you have acquired a big bike from Wheels Motorcycles, every summer will be filled with amazing adventures; attractions like The Lake District, Norfolk Broads, Devon and Cornwall, to mention but a few of the stunning natural locations our Island possesses. Winters can be spent researching online, planning the next year’s expeditions and also to carry out maintenance on the bike, to prepare it for the coming summer. Once you’ve experienced one bike touring trip, you will be hooked and this type of experience will be a major part of your life, as you travel to new regions and have a unique experience every time.

Freedom & Independence

When you pack your touring bike and fuel up, the open road beckons and you are ready for another adventure and whatever plans you might have made, can be changed at the drop of a hat, as you are not tied to any schedule or program. Unlike a package holiday, you are in control with big bike touring, with the ability to change your mind at any stage, or stay on a special spot you found near the beach. Riding for long periods can cause backache, which can be avoided if you take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes.


Combine your bike touring with camping for the ultimate experience – there's no cheaper way to holiday – and there are many top-rated camping sites in all parts of the UK to cater for the many people who prefer a camping holiday. No more will you be paying sky high hotel or resort prices when you holiday and after the initial camping investment, there’s not much to pay with a camping holiday.

Big Bike Licence

As you would expect, riding a 650cc or bigger bike requires that you have a Class A motorcycle licence, which is available to those over the age of 23. You will have to start with the A2 licence that permits you to ride a bike with a limited power output of 35kW and within 2 years, you can take the A tests (theory and practice) and become a big bike rider.

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