5 Useful Tips To Prevent Back Pain As You Grow Old

It is not easy to deal with back pain, especially when you are getting old. There is a valid fear that it may become permanent if adequate care and attention are not given. A popular phrase, “prevention is better than cure,” is applicable to back pain as you can prevent it by engaging the best chiropractor’s services in Singapore.

Below are useful tips to help prevent back pain as you grow old. Read on!

1. Lift with your legs involved

There is a lot of truth in the advice that you should always lift with your legs and not your back. Bad posture while lifting heavy loads is a major cause of back pain and related issues. When you want to lift something, always bend your knees, keep your core muscles tightened and try to lift the object close to your body and not away from it. While lifting, ensure your legs carry the weight and not your back.

2. Exercise regularly

Your body deserves at least 30 minutes of daily exercise each day as consistently as you could daily.

Achieve a daily body movement, great blood flow, and your muscles all keeping fit for a healthy body. Another reason to exercise regularly is to shed excess weight on your back.

3. Schedule a regular visit with an expert

You should have a regular appointment with your physician, and Ideally, you should go visit your physician, a chiropractor in Singapore, for a thorough check of your back’s health. You don’t have to wait till there is a niggling back pain; you can visit a TCM in Singapore for preventive measures. 

4. Lose weight and get enough rest

The more weight you lose, the more stress accumulates on your back. So, it is advisable to lose weight if you are overweight as it keeps you fit and healthier. It is important to rest properly to prevent general body pains and, subsequently, back pain. With adequate rest, you won’t need to visit a chiropractor in Singapore regularly because you will be in sound health. Also, invest in sleeping on great mattress as it could also affect your chances of having back pain. The best recovery method is sleep.

5. Practice good posture

Learn to stand upright without slouching. Interestingly, most people ignore their posture, but they will realize they have missed the point when they eventually do. Improper posture can lead to neck pain, back, pain and so on.

Ensure you maintain a balanced posture to minimize the effect of all things old-age related back pain


Back pain happens to lots of us, and it shouldn’t be the end of us as there are many ways to soothe back pain. These five tips will also help you manage your back pain seamlessly as you grow old.

You could also contact the Best chiropractor in Singapore to help you manage the pain and prevent further reoccurrence. Contact us today!


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