Appropriate resignation of Attorney General: BNP

The BNP has expressed surprise and anger over the appointment of the state's chief legal officer, the Attorney General, as a member of the Awami League sub-committee. The party said the appointment of a constitutional office bearer to the party was a new event in the country's history. Undoubtedly, it is an evil attempt to make the office of the highest law officer of the state naked.

Nazrul Islam Khan said this at a press conference at the party chairperson's office in Gulshan on Monday afternoon. The press conference was organized to announce the decision of the virtual meeting of the BNP standing committee last Saturday.

Nazrul Islam Khan said the BNP standing committee expressed surprise and anger over the appointment of Attorney General AM Amin Uddin to the Awami League's information and research subcommittee.maxsportsnews

Nazrul Islam Khan said the BNP firmly believes that the Attorney General should resign from the party post or the Attorney General's post to ensure that the image of the country's judiciary and the impartiality of the state's chief legal officer are not questioned. Those who have appointed him should also immediately remove the Attorney General from the subcommittee of the party, considering the importance of this immoral issue and its inevitable adverse reaction in the minds of the people.

Demand to lift the ban on Khaleda Zia

At the press conference, Nazrul Islam Khan demanded the lifting of the government's ban on Khaleda Zia going abroad for improved fertilizer. "We demand that the ban be lifted," he said. Begum Khaleda Zia's basic rights should be ensured so that she can go wherever she wants when she needs her medical fertilizer.

Khaleda Zia's sentence was suspended for six months from March 25 last year by an executive order. Since then he has been living in a rented house in Gulshan. At the end of the first term, his sentence was suspended for another six months in the second phase of the family's application. Its term will also end on March 24. The party alleged that Khaleda Zia was under house arrest. Because, no one can meet Khaleda Zia except her family members.

Nazrul Islam Khan called the government's ban "inhumane and unreasonable" and said there were many instances of political leaders leaving the country due to illness. There are instances of going out even while in jail. We think the ban on Khaleda Zia is unreasonable and inhumane. This ban needs to be lifted.

Asked what the BNP wanted about the second term of Khaleda Zia's sentence, Nazrul Islam Khan said, "It is a very normal thing. As we have repeatedly said, we demand his unconditional release. Because, we believe, he was punished unjustly, without guilt. '

Asked how Khaleda Zia is now, Nazrul Islam Khan said, "We can't meet her. As far as we know through his medical staff, he is very ill. He needs such treatment. '

The standing committee meeting recently issued an arrest warrant against Khaleda Zia in a Narail court, barred leaders and activists from attending a rally in Barisal on February 18, and condemned and protested the attack on her colleagues, including Sylhet city mayor Ariful Haque Chowdhury. At the same time, after paying homage at the Shaheed Minar in Bogra on February 21, the BNP Standing Committee strongly condemned the attack on government leaders and activists, including party MP GM Siraj, and the death of Borhan Uddin Mozakki in a clash between two Awami League groups at Basurhat in Noakhali.

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