10 Important Tips for Avoiding Box Printing Mistakes

The product box is just an ordinary box with a dull brown color. What makes it attractive is the box printing. It is why it is necessary that you go for effective printing solutions for designing your packaging. You can easily have a perfect presentation for you because of it. Manufacturers are utilizing it to catch the attention of their customers by printing astonishing and attractive layouts on their packages. There are several available printing techniques in the market, which are good for individual reasons. But it is on you how you utilize them to make your printed designs appealing. Here are some tips for you to print your packages.

High-resolution image:

It has become a trend that product boxes are coming with an image printed on their surface. In this way, manufacturers tell their customers that this is how the product looks when they buy it. If you do not want to mess up your packaging, you have to print a high-definition image of your product on its box. Customers do not like it when they do not get what they see. So if you do not want this kind of negative impression from your audience, make sure that you are utilizing high-resolution images to print on the packaging. Otherwise, all you get is a blurry image that will lose its pixels after printing out.

Error-free spellings:

This might look like a simple little mistake, but yes, manufacturers do that. Even big brands sometimes miss out on some spells while printing their packaging. This is one of the most unappropriated mistakes that you can go for while writing details on your packages. People started to talk about your wrong spellings, and your product can get a non-serious reaction from customers. So consider it mandatory that you read out a lot of times carefully what you have printed on your box.

Easy to read details:

This is one of the essential factors to remember while utilizing printing techniques for your cardboard boxes. Choosing a font that is clear to read and does not come out too mixed up with each other is necessary. Make sure that you have a font from the font family that is clear and readable. Advice is to not utilize bold fonts when you have to print many details. Utilize them for only short words, like the name of your brand. Otherwise, it negatively impacts your audience.

Proper bleed:

You have to utilize enough bleed if you want your printing designs to come out perfectly on your packages. Bleed is the artwork that you have placed on your paper, which later, after getting printed, comes out on the edges of your document. It depends on the size of the box. If you are utilizing a big size box, you should remember that you have to allow more bleed. Otherwise, the printer will not detect your design properly, and you can get printing delays. So make sure when you buy cardboard boxes, print them with allowing perfect bleeding according to their size.

Quality designing:

Without having an attractive and graceful design, you can never be able to make a positive impression on your audience. It is why it is necessary that you work on choosing a proper design for your packaging. You have to print the design elegantly and with a different color combination. Make sure that you are working with a printing technique that is good for placing your colors and layouts in a perfect clean method on your packaging. Do not utilize minimalistic designs if you do not want to come out as an ordinary manufacturer.

Margins and borders:

While pasting your information and designs on your packaging, you have to consider the margins and borders carefully. Make sure that you have a different portion of product specifications and your brand details. You have to make your design in an accurate and well-looked manner. Even the slightest irregular line or design can take the attention of your customer away from your packaging. It is why always place defined lines and borders on your box and print your designs and details inside them without leaving the margins.

Brand your business:

Printing has come a long way with brands in the race of looking out for promotion. While other promotional tools like social media marketing and ads cost you a lot, this solution can easily manage your budget and give you the best visibility option for your business. But it is up to you how you utilize it to make sure that you are enhancing your worth in the market. For this, what you need to do is to print your brand information on your packaging carefully. Make sure that you have printed your brand logo, brand name, motive, contact, and address in a proper manner on the packaging.

Interactive text:

Engaging with your customer is a necessary part of marketing your product. However, customers do not like it when you hold on to a product and tells them all of the things that your product can do by yourself. So you have to make sure that your item will tell all of its information to the audience in an engaging manner. You can make that engagement and interaction by utilizing printing on the packaging of the product. Make sure that you have printed out interactive content for the audience to grab them to your product.

Go for symbolizing:

Some printing techniques but utilizing them a lot can cost you a bit. But you have to utilize it to maintain the quality of your design. So you can decrease the writings that you want to put on your box. Instead of printing details, you can guide your audience by printing symbols and icons on your box. You have seen various boxes of medical-related manufacturers; there are several symbols on them for utilizing precautionary measures. You can do that as well. You can print symbols and logos of the things that you want to tell your customer about your product. This will utilize low cost, and you can easily say the thing while utilizing a little bit of creativity.

Proper lamination:

Having proper information is the key to guide the audience about the product and brand as well. You cannot do printing while leaving out every single piece of information from your box. For instance, if you are delivering food items or any medical-related product, you have to tell each and everything about it to your customer. Only then can your customer feel at ease to deal with your product. You have to mention the manufacturing process, ingredients, and expiry dates of your products properly on the packaging. This is why, while printing, you have to make sure that you have written all the information that is required for your specific product.
After utilizing these tips, you can easily have a perfectly printed packaging for your valuable product. With box printing, you can easily differentiate your business and product from other manufacturers in the market. Make sure you are printing every detail that you think can be effective in catching customer attention. But after these tips, you can easily print whichever you want on your product boxes to give your products a perfect display.

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