Staff Augmentation A Successful Model to Extend Your Team

Mobile app development Dubai has made it possible for the world of IT to become more advanced and modern. One of its many contributions proudly celebrates the advent of staff augmentation; a way that can be used to extend a development team. Times, when in-house teams were used, proved tricky and costly for firms however, this new model has allowed companies to combine multiple benefits from various options of recruitment and hiring. Let’s look deeper into this new model of staff augmentation and see how it can be a great asset to mobile app development Dubai:

1. What is staff augmentation?

Mobile app development Dubai recognizes staff augmentation as making use of specialists from outside a company on a temporary basis in order to augment a company’s capacity. This falls under an outsourcing strategy where developers and IT specialists can be hired to fill project gaps that a company may have taken on. The basis on which these specialists are hired is dependent on the skills needed and they can be recruited on a short-term or long-term contract.

This type of employment is best when there is a shortage of talent and when specialists, programmers, designers, and administrators are shortly needed for mobile app development in Dubai.

2. The types of staff augmentation:

In an overall view of mobile app development Dubai, this hiring model is divided into 2 verticals:

· Short term services – this option is used when there is high demand and when in house specialists are on vacation or unavailable.

· Long term services –this is required often for lengthier projects, usually used when the in house processing is longer and is used to fill in a skill gap

This model for mobile app development Dubai can further be divided into 3 categories:

· Commodity – used when companies do not have reliable employees for a specific task that does not require advanced skills

· Skill-based – when certain professional skills are needed but they are not that important for the project

· Highly skilled – used when much-advanced skills are needed and the skill and consistency is much vital

3. Reasons how staff augmentation can benefit your business:

The benefits of staff augmentation are evident for mobile app development Dubai. These benefits are widespread and include:

· Worker transparency – nothing is hidden and every detail of work can be visible using advanced communication tools and other strategies for mobile app development Dubai

· No maintenance costs – this model has no hidden costs such as rentals or equipment charges

· Full control – companies can exercise full control over the project since those working on it are hired

· User-centric – most important in the service sector

· Quality work – you can hire from hundreds of options and make sure you get the best skills

· Flexible – you can hire as many as you want without permanence

So, now that you know how hiring using this model is beneficial, why not try DXB apps? our team of professionals will make sure your project is simply the best and unmatched. For more assistance, visit or call at +971505041860.

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