How The Corona Virus Pandemic Has Boosted The Delivery Business Worldwide



Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, mobile app development Dubai has seen a surge in online delivery systems. Being confined to their homes, customers ow demand that their favorite food products and items be at their doorstep. This is why many companies have opted for providing easy delivery to their customers. This ‘new normal’ has resulted in online sales increasing by 52% and there has also been in the number of customers online by 8%. Apps involved in Mobile app development Dubai have seen enormous growth in downloads and so revenues have increased as well. This article will explore the verticals that have benefitted the most from a boost in demand for online deliveries worldwide, and here is all you need to know

1. Online groceries:

Amidst this changing time, the grocery sector is one that has witnessed an incredible increase in its revenue levels. The main reason for this is because mobile app development Dubai has enabled this sector to conduct business online. The download numbers for these applications have surged tremendously and essential food supplies are now all available at your doorstep. In addition to this, these applications experience around over 20,000 downloads as more and more customers are becoming dependent in this mode of ordering groceries. Even businesses conducting this business on social media have seen an increase in popularity and are increasingly witnessing their demand surging.

2. Courier and mail delivery:

Another sector that has been affected positively by mobile app development Dubai is the mail delivery and courier industry. Companies are offering door-to-door delivery services and this has also led to an increase in the number of downloads for such applications. Mailpersons are now required to take necessary precautions such as:

· Sanitization of parcels

· Use of masks and gloves

· Screening fever for employees

· Contactless delivery

Research shows that the spread of the virus is minimal on such surfaces and this information has proved to be positive for the mail and courier delivery industry with demand for Brisbane courier services increasing by more than 234% during the recent lockdowns in Queensland. In addition to this, many companies are working tirelessly towards making this new normal even safer and better for people all over the world.

3. Online food delivery:

Another industry that has been immensely impacted by mobile app development Dubai. With millions of people ordering food online, many third-party developers and restaurants have joined hands to make this possible for people all over the world. the demand for their services has increased massively. Many dine-in restaurants have joined the bandwagon for mobile app development Dubai and have begun to offer features for food delivery to customers. This has boosted its profits and has enabled them to cater to greater, more widespread areas. The surge in online food orders has allowed restaurants to offer better deals and offers to remain competitive and equipped.

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