15 E-Commerce Business Ideas

Thinking about an online business, but don't know what to sell?

Finding eCommerce business ideas can be tricky. Because it looks like you can sell a lot of things, but which items will really make a profit? How to turn commerce thought into a successful business?

Keep reading if you're looking for an idea you've never thought of.

We've compiled 15 of the best e-commerce business ideas for you.

Choose one of them, build an online store, and sell them. See what you can achieve.


Starting an e-commerce business in fashion sounds like an outdated plan.

Consumers are overwhelmed with information about the damage caused by clothing. Fast fashion, it turns out, is not trendy at all.

But there are a number of eCommerce business ideas for the industry that are gaining traction.

If you want to reinvent the way you sell products, opening a fashion store can be a logical step.

1. Garment for rent

The sharing economy is not new, but it is still booming in more and more countries.

Thanks to technology, people can rent out all products and services. From movies to cars to homes, key sharing areas are estimated to be worth $ 335 billion by 2025.

If you want a piece of that cake, renting out clothes is a great idea.

Finding a niche - the clothing rental business has not been widely exploited. You can specialize in:

  • Some cult brands. You can easily organize the ranges by using design labels that have rules you share or have similar identities.
  • Mid-range brands. Find space for a lower-cost store for shoppers who want a great look at a slightly lower cost. Your product is achievable yet luxurious.
  • Wardrobe swap. Instead of keeping an inventory of products, set up a network of like-minded shoppers who are willing to swap. You will save costs.
  • Accessories outside costume. Have you ever had the perfect dress but just couldn't find the right bag? Turn your website into a destination for perfection.

2. Sustainable clothing

Are you a manufacturer? Do you have a network of friends who are talented designers?

Starting an e-commerce business focused on sustainability is guaranteed to drive excitement right now.

Avoid being accused of cleansing and persistent denaturing your goal in the first place. This is a very essential business idea in the fashion world.

You can fill your store with:

  • Domestically produced products. Supply chain narrowing is an important step that eCommerce retailers are starting to take. Stay ahead of the game and keep your product local.
  • Simple outfits. Stop chasing trends and instead offer garments with timeless longevity and durability. Simplicity can be beautiful.
  • Modern fabrics. From recycling plastic into swimwear to turning cacti into leather, there are countless ideas for less toxic textiles.
  • Repairable items. Incredible thought for life span for your online commerce business is to commit to settling the items you offer..

3. Body scan

It sounds weird but bears with us.

Customers can now use the apps to scan head-to-toe bodies, using just their smartphones.

This mind-blowing innovation could be an extraordinary trade thought for tackling the cerebral pain of finding dress online.

Partner with a business that specializes in body scanning technology, like Sizer, and you can start an e-commerce store that caters perfectly to all shapes and sizes.

If you like garment design, think about who needs a suit that fits perfectly:

  • People who love adventure. Can you manufacture radiators that fit the hiker
  • People who are bored with undergarments that do not fit properly. Take advantage of the growth of shaping clothing and create a store filled with comfortable bras and panties.
  • Those that do not fit the mold. Focus your eCommerce business on frustrated shoppers not finding their size elsewhere online.
  • Stylish, but busy people. Start selling designer business clothes and outfits and disrupt an outdated industry with your store.

Design pages

If you are perfecting it with your networking skills, think about growing your eCommerce business successfully.

A great idea to truly diversify your product offers is to turn your store into a community.

We conversation apart around the significance of utilizing social media to associate together with the target group of your target audience. Why not invite that audience to collaborate with you to grow your business?

4. Online marketplace

You don't have to be the next Amazon or Etsy.

But launching your own is a booming idea for an eCommerce business that you may not have thought of yet.

Dive into an industry you already love or use this as an opportunity to enter a niche that interests you.

By being a host for some talented sellers, you can have a profitable eCommerce store quickly.

Markets are not always one-stop shops. Here are some ideas:

  • Rental market. Remember what we said about the sharing economy? One idea to make a profit might be to create a swap and sharing platform.
  • Mission market. Gather people with the time or skills to help others. This is a good idea to build a community.
  • The fitness market. Home workouts are already fun, and it's okay to have your own supply of resistance bands. Specializes in exercise equipment and training tips.
  • Market order. Find a niche that fits your custom or personalized products and make that your focus.

5. Found thrift store

Are you an antique enthusiast? Know how to profit from pre-favorites?

Turning around your thrift store is a pretty sustainable way to do business. If browsing old stuff is filled with ideas, take advantage of that.

This is often an eCommerce trade show that can take you anyplace. Start off by managing your store as a place of discovery for shoppers.

Make their shopping experience unique: 

  • Attract a specific community. If you are good at finding classic games, make it your niche. Chances are you will easily find your audience.
  • Make everything work together. Thrift stores can sometimes be just a bunch of… messy stuff. Style your range and show shoppers how to match distances.
  • Customize your product. Or increase their strength, if that's where your talent lies. However, make sure you don't turn a great product into something that can't be sold.
  • Look beyond the thrift store. Can you clean at a garage sale? How about the local flea market

Health and beauty

Health is a trillion-dollar industry. If you're looking for instant profitable business ideas, this might be the industry for you.

People are constantly looking for ways to incorporate health values ​​into their lives. Whether it's through exercise, diet, or mindfulness, your eCommerce business can easily get rid of a phobia of health.

You do not get to be a wellbeing or excellence master, but it makes a difference.

6. Online business, sustainable beauty

Just like sustainable fashion, this is a trend that will have lasting power.

If you have all your ideas for world-saving products, now is the time to make your mark in the health and beauty industry.

Make sure you have something that will help and excite shoppers - think about the problem you have that you want to tackle.

Some of the best eCommerce business ideas come from simply wanting to make a difference.

Here are some good examples:

  • Reusable versions of disposable products. Brands like LastObject pledge to stylishly save the planet with their gauze and tissue paper.
  • The product is refillable. Waste-free groceries have become popular. Turn this into an eCommerce business and turn food into skincare.
  • Clean beauty. You don't have to search for organic or sustainable beauty brands. Set up a store that carries your favorite clean items.
  • Not wasted. Finding a local manufacturer can help you produce small batches of delicious, low-impact produce.

7. E-commerce business idea registration box

Attract your customers to your product.

Another interesting business idea to run right now is the registration box. You'll be able to put beautiful much anything in a month to month bundle.

Signing up is a winning recipe for any brand that wants to showcase its products to everyone. This is great for shoppers looking for beauty or wellness care but doesn't know where to start.

Your store may sell:

  •         Grooming tools. Companies like Dollar Shave Club and The Personal Barber are great examples of well-dressed stores that sell simple and functional products.
  •         Vitamins and supplements. Sure, we can get vitamins from fresh vegetables, but you'll see success selling vitamin packs under subscription.
  •         The latest skincare items. Fill in the boxes with sample sizes for customers who are unable to decide. This is a great way to test your product before selling it.
  •         A package of mindfulness. You can generate a lot of ideas here. Make your customers happy and send them anything from eye masks to cocoa stubs.

8. B2B (Business to Business)

If you are ready to turn your hobby or career into a full-blown eCommerce business, you may want to consider selling to businesses.

A business to business - also known as B2B - is just: a business that sells commercially to another business.

This happens in a multitude of industries. It could be a creative business idea to make your health and beauty brand more popular.

Some of the businesses you can work with include:

  • Hotel and restaurant. If you want to specialize in products like shampoos and lotions, working with the hospitality industry is a great way to increase brand visibility.
  • Spa and wellness center. One of the best places to sell your clean skincare products is the spa. It can be utilized in treatment rooms and sold at the gathering.
  • Yoga room and gym. Attract as many people in your target market as possible. Put your health products in front of them when they get excited.
  • Influential marketers. This doesn't mean selling your products on social media. In the B2B world, influencers are industry experts.

Product e-commerce business idea niche

Want to start an online store selling specific weird stuff?

In case you discover a specialty that guarantees to be productive, presently could be an incredible time to turn it into your modern eCommerce commerce.

However, try not to limit yourself to a niche.

The micro niches attract a handful of people from a broader market, for example, if you specialize in pink steaks instead of all baked goods.

You won't go any further with a small market and fewer products that bring in less traffic. Give your niche room to grow.

9. No food

Foods that cater to specific dietary needs are in high demand. Fortunately for those who are intolerant, there are many fat-free foods that they can eat today.

The point is to find it.

While finding specialty food in supermarkets is easier than ever, people can only handle too much bland bread and boring biscuits.

Support shoppers and start an online groceries business by selling:

  •        Fresh or frozen pastries. Celiacs will thank you. The gluten-free food market is expected to reach more than $ 6 billion by 2025, so go with that wave.
  •       Food without seeds and sauces. Some of the best foods have been exposed to nuts. Make people with allergies happy by offering your groceries online for their needs.
  •       Familiar foods are made in alternative ways. Reserve green bean paste. Fill your store with all the imaginable non-dairy dairy products.
  •       Free food upon request. Consider branching into a delivery service. Dietary requirements may not be well met on well-known applications.

10. Goods can be personalized

The shops that offer monograms are not unprecedented, especially on holidays.

You can now buy personalized cheese boards online or print your face onto a mug. There are even gift websites that let you print a map of the stars the night you meet your partner.

People want their names and faces on everything right now, and you should start that trend.

There are several suitable ways to make a profit from the personalization of your goods:

  •        Sell ​​custom candies. For birthdays, weddings, and baby baths, what's more for the guest than M & Ms with the host's initials printed on it?
  •        Selling phone cases. Engage influencers and want to be influencers, while designing repeat selfies of your clients.
  •        Sell ​​personalized puzzles. Table games are increasingly popular.
  •        Take advantage of this and begin an eCommerce commerce specializing in custom adaptations..
  •        Selling pet accessories. One thing individuals will continuously adore is their feathery companions.

11. Artwork

This is such a great business idea that we wrote a blog about how to do it.

You can certainly create a profitable eCommerce store from your own artwork. If this is your passion, chances are you'll turn out great with it - now's the time to get you out there.

You also have to change what you are doing. There are many ways for artists to sell online without having to compromise with their art.

See if you can find a business idea that works for you:

  • Set up your own online store. It's essential that you have your own website as an artist, so why not make a profit?
  • Cooperate with an agent. If you want to manufacture a product but you are not a salesperson, find someone else to work on that side of your business.
  • Work with an online library. Find the one that fits your style and start from there. This is a great business idea for artists who want to be a part of the community.

Sell ​​through the market. There are markets suitable for all niches. Just make sure you partner with a reputable website for your work.

12. Innovative service

Usually, the best eCommerce business ideas are usually based on selling products.

You can also be successful by selling useful services online.

Creative skills are especially valuable to other businesses, and you can make a substantial amount of money by sharing your knowledge.

There are many things you can do to monetize your creativity - here are a few examples:

  •        Graphic design. Give your skills to startups trying to find their brand identity. You can get paid for logo design, typography, or branding instruction.
  •        Product design. If you are a seasoned expert in innovating goods for sale, look for businesses that want to outsource this service.
  •       Writing. Set up a website that shows your flair with words. You can find copywriting deals in all industry categories, like marketing and retail.
  •       Interior consulting. You can fulfill both business and personal needs with this one. In case you are a qualified inside creator, offer that ability.

13. Your passion

There is a lot to say if you just follow one path that makes you happy.

Certainly, it should be a road to commercial success. But you can turn your passion or burning passion into a thriving eCommerce business.

One of the benefits of following your passion is that you'll be motivated to turn it into something special. And that's exactly what a new online store should be.

See what drives you - it could be:

  •        A problem you want to solve. Maybe you feel frustrated with a product that could have been much better. Make better! Build a range around your original idea.
  •        A professional skill in which you want to make money. It could be a degree you chose a long time ago or a job you currently do. Think about turning it into a business.
  •        A problem to be solved. Is there a need for maintainable items in a specific industry? Or is the impact of plastic on the ocean getting you moving? Create an online store that can solve it.
  •        A hobby that you like. You can take a part-time job or take it a step further and turn your cunning pastime into an eCommerce success.


In the event that your energy is making a difference to others or in case you're fair super-organized, typically it.

Self-improvement is big business. It appeals to all generations, but 94% of the millennials ever surveyed are committed to self-improvement.

And this is something that people will pay money to achieve.

In addition to eating well and exercising, consumers are looking for more caring ways to improve their lives.

If you have a positive attitude to share with the world, it could be your path to an invaluable eCommerce business.

14. Training

Are you an absolute expert on something?

Shaping your eCommerce store around coaching can be a smart business idea. You can set a high rate, choose your clientele, and share your wisdom.

People also seek coaching for a multitude of different things.

Business, sport, or even life skills - there's a good chance you might find a training topic that matches your experience.

Here's how you can profit from one of the more niche eCommerce business ideas:

  •        By keeping a selective customer base. Coaching is an intensive job that requires a lot of concentration. You'll want a small group of customers who stick around for a while.
  •         By making your prices competitive. Premium training may be charged, but be sure to offer something worth the money.
  •        By learning from your customers. This will help you grow and may even help you generate new eCommerce business ideas in the process.
  •        By selling your personal brand. People will expect a lot from you, so be sure to sell yourself like a pro.

15. Online courses

So you're one of the best in your field, but you don't have time to train.

If you're looking for a little less selective, but still impactful, eCommerce business ideas this one is for you.

Online courses can generate good revenue if you sell them the right way.

This is a great business idea for professionals who want a much larger audience. If you download your courses, you can ensure global accessibility.

With online courses you can:

  • Create a thriving online store. Turn your courses into a digital download so you can start selling right away.
  • Attract a large target market. People are looking to learn about everything and everything. With a few inquire, you'll have a gigantic client base.
  • The size of your company. You can start with a course tailored to your knowledge, but there will always be room for new business ideas to form your foundation.
  •  Diversify your range. If you're starting out with a writing course, what's stopping you from offering videos or branching out into podcasts?

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