What You Need to Know About Copper Plating

Copper is one of the most well-known metals in nature and it has been used by human societies for thousands of years. Even in the modern age, our gadgets have copper in them as it is a good conductor. But that said, there is another concept related to this metal that some do not even know what it is all about and that is copper plating. It is going to be the focus of this piece. 

Copper plating is a process that involves the plating of a layer of copper is done on the surface apart from another item via what is called electrolysis. In other words, it is like coating another item with copper itself. This type of plating is done inside what is known as an electrolytic cell. It is inside this cell that electrolysis utilizing direct electric current turns the solid copper into liquid then it transfers the copper ions on the material. All the involved items are then dipped inside a jar that is full of a solution. 

This solution has ions that can transmit the electric current moving from the rod of copper directly onto the item that is to be plated. In chemistry or physics, the copper rod here is called the anode and the item onto which the copper ions land is known as the cathode. What is being explained here in essence is that the process of copper plating services is nothing but a chemical reaction but that has not affected its popularity in anyway. 

There are different reasons why plating of other items are done, sometimes it can be done for aesthetic purposes and in some other instances, there may be a functional basis for it. however, whatever the reason behind the copper plating services, what has to be pointed out here is that there can be some degree of toxicity involved. 

Those who engage in commercial plating regularly make use of copper-cyanide solution and this is a dangerous mix. The main reason why it is dangerous is because of the presence of cyanide which is very toxic to human cells. An accidental ingestion of cyanide is going to result in death. In other words, copper plating is not something that can be done by just anyone because of the hazards that are involved. 

In one of the sections above, some reference was made to the application of copper plating itself as a process. More details will be provided in this section concerning the applications of this process. The number reason for the plating in the first place is to have an overall improvement in the ability of the substrate to conduct. 

This is possible because copper is very good as a conductor of electricity. Coating another metal with copper is going to increase its electrical conductivity and that is a good thing to do. Another reason for the copper plating is regarding corrosion resistance and this is a major benefit. Coating another item or substance with copper  is going to increase its level of resistance to corrosion and other factors. 

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