Block out the Light with Blockout Curtains or Blinds

One of the key things that change how you use a room and how it looks is the choice of window treatments you make. There are lots of different options, shades, curtains, blinds and so on. The best though for blocking the light out is the aptly named blockout curtains or blinds. Perfect for anyone trying to sleep in a too light right. Also perfect for watching movies. These curtains have other advantages too so here is a closer look at them.

Types of blockout window treatments

The type of window treatment you opt for is a personal preference and depends sometimes on how the room is used and how it is decorated. Some people prefer, for example, to use a mix of curtains and blinds around the home. Blinds for bathrooms and kitchens are popular for their functionality and then curtains for bedrooms and living room, to add warmth. Even when your focus is on blockout types you can still choose blinds, drapes, shades and curtains. All of them have similar properties, they excel at blocking out the light, they can help keep the room better insulated and thus can save money on energy bills. When choosing between types though, blockout shades do block out more light than regular shades, the drapes and curtains block out the most.

Who uses blockout curtains?

When you are looking to really darken a room during the day then these are the best types of curtains and blinds. Maybe you sometimes work during the night and have to sleep in the day. Maybe you have a child that needs to nap in the day but it is hard to get them to fall asleep. Maybe you need to nap in the day but again the room is just too light even with the curtains or blinds closed. Depending on your choice they are made from a combination of layered fabrics and especially tightly woven material. The backing when at its thickest can block 99% of the light.

People also use them when they are looking to conserve energy and save money on heating and air conditioning energy use. They are great to keep a room insulated and you can reduce the transfer of heat by as much as 20 to 30%, and then save money on your energy bills too.

A variety of styles 

These are not just practical window treatments. They can also be very attractive and appealing and add the kind of look you want to achieve with any room they are in. Something playful, neutral, modern, traditional. Whatever style you prefer to use in your curtains you can find a great pair of blockout curtains. With so many designs and colours to choose from why not also get stylish window treatments that offer you the bonus of light blocking and insulation. 


No more glare on the TV when you are watching a movie in the day. Keep your living room private from people passing by.  Sleep easier during the day. Your rooms will look great, be easier to sleep in and you can save money.

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