The Necessity of CAD Today

CAD has revolutionized the way we approach and think about design. Today, there are few industries which haven’t been impacted by the creative possibilities opened up by CAD software. As the digital economy booms, CAD has expanded outside of its traditional fields of architecture and engineering to CAD, and has become the go-to design tool for game designers and digital content creators. This category plunges headfirst into the world of CAD. We talk about the software that can help you make an impact; the new developments that are changing the design world; and the wide range of applications that go far beyond our traditional perceptions of what CAD is and does.

The Always Changing CAD World

CAD is not static. Over the decades, we’ve seen how CAD has evolved from relatively primitive programs allowing only for simple line drawings through to today’s complex, 4D design and BIM software which accurately portrays real-life structures and objects. However, though… If you’ve been around Computer Aided Design long enough, you might have noticed the acronym BIM being thrown around. For those of you who don’t know, BIM refers to Building Information Modeling. The concept of BIM has been around since the… Since 1982, Autodesk has been a major presence in the CAD industry. Its initial flagship software, AutoCAD, is still alive and well today. However, Autodesk has since released a wide range of programs, each with its own specialized features to cater… These days it’s possible to find numerous CAD apps available for just about any requirement. We’ve already looked to some of the best apps for viewing CAD files on mobile, as well as on iOS more specifically. But what of CAD…

The Importance of CAD plans vs. Paper

CAD is an integral part of many industries out there—from architecture to engineering to gaming. It’s for this reason that so many students use CAD packages. The high demand for CAD however, has led to most packages being rather expensive. Many… Here at HandDrawingstoCAD, we’re always banging on about different types of files. But we make no apology for it; without them, there’d be far less design in the world. Today we’re focussing on the most common file types around: the humble… If you want to produce a CAD file or vector from a paper drawing, you need to use a technique called image tracing—otherwise known as vectorization. This process is a way of immortalizing your legacy drawings, as you no longer have…

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