Professional LED teeth Whitening or Home treatment?

Here is a look at the options for home treatment when you are looking at teeth whitening as something you want to do. Professional teeth whitening before and after UK pictures are here for a good look at the results a dentist can achieve. 

Efforts made to whiten your teeth yourself

There are a few options to whiten your teeth yourself at home. They range in cost from just a few pounds up to over a hundred. Check out the oral hygiene aisle in your local supermarket, or go to a chemist and see what the options are. There are strips, whitening toothpaste, mouthwashes, gels and even a home-style led teeth whitening kit. Some do have a whitening effect, some less so. For example, if we look more closely at the toothpaste, those often contain hydrogen peroxide or baking soda. Therefore you could use those rather than spending money on the toothpaste. 

The strips and kits are more effective as long as you use them consistently but they only lighten your teeth to a degree and it can be uneven. Care should be taken with certain home whitening remedies as they could be dangerous and many have not been tested or proved by actual dentists. You should not be swallowing any of these options as in some cases they contain chemicals and bleaches. 

Seeing your dentist

For more effective whitening you need to see your dentist. They have several options for whitening your teeth including the use of a laser. Here are some examples of professional teeth whitening before and after, UK. The cost is higher of course, but your teeth will be a lot whiter. It is a professional whitening you need if you have really deep staining. Over the counter options will not get rid of that kind of staining. Stains caused by drinking a lot of red wine, soda, coffee over the years and something smokers also deal with. They are too deep into the enamel and need expert attention.

The business of cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening has grown a lot in recent years. There was a time when people were less concerned with the appearance of their teeth but for a number of reasons, including the drive to achieve a Hollywood smile, more people are seeking LED teeth whitening options. The problem is that not everyone can afford to do this with a dentist. 

Another option that is going to see better results than the home options, comes from a dentist, but is a bit more affordable than treatment at their office, is to use their home whitening kits. You get a mould made of your teeth, and each night fill it with the solution and put it on. As long as you keep up treatments you will see good results. Just watch for pain and sensitivity and an allergic reaction to the chemicals.


The home options have varying degrees of success, but if they are all you can afford, there are some decent tray types now. Talk to your dentist about what they offer and if they have payment options if the cost is a concern.

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