How to Get Fabulous Subscription Boxes Australia on a Tight Budget

Subscription boxes are the boxes that contain products which are delivered for the length of your subscription and the majority of the companies keep the products in their boxes a surprise for the customers.

Subscription boxes are designed on a particular theme. Different themes contain a different number and niche of products according to their type as there are beauty boxes, health care boxes, fashion, pet, or food subscription boxes, which need proper labelling in attractive designs, color, shapes, and size to perfectly fit the products inside.

Properly designed boxes are very important for the companies for a lot of reasons like;

· Develop a strong image of the brand

Well-designed boxes give customers a reason to trust their decision in choosing you. Custom boxes give a really worthy and valued feel to the boxes which develops a strong image of the brand because it shows the effort at the company’s end for the customers.

· Gain the attention of the customers

Advancement in technology has made it challenging for companies to come up with something that gives a feeling of newness. Custom boxes in unique shapes and sizes with captivating designs help in gaining customers attention in a better way than the plain brown boxes.

· Marketing of the company

There are a lot of companies that offer best subscription boxes Australia to meet the needs of everyone from the cheapest to high-end boxes in for every type of product. Boxes with custom designing like attractive colors that depict the essence of the company and company name or logo help in the marketing of the brand. Wherever these boxes are placed or sent, they make their mark with its impressive packaging.

No doubt that quality and designing of the boxes play an important role in developing a professional and positive image of the product and the brand but to get subscription boxes in Australia or anywhere that are high-quality yet cheap is a huge task.

To solve all your worries regarding custom subscription boxes, the solution is right here, especially if you are tight on your budget.


Customization allows companies to create the boxes of their own choice from scratch. The choice of material, the shape of the box, size, and printing on it matters a lot in giving a personalized look to the boxes according to the requirements of the company.

  • Material

Monthly subscription boxes Australia are delivered on a monthly basis which means they contain a larger number of products than the fortnight subscription boxes. To give proper protection and strength to the products these boxes are made in different grade of cardboard, paperboard, and corrugated cardboard or kraft paper. These raw materials are highly durable, strong and sturdy plus give a fine surface for high-end printing. If you are on a tight budget and needs promising packaging, cardboard is the best option for you as it is cheaper than any other packaging material available in the market.

  • Strategic Shapes & Sizes

Shapes play an important role in grabbing the attention of the customers in a glance. It is obvious that box shapes like window cut, magnetic closure, flip open boxes, sliding, drawer, multiple-tier boxes, or gate boxes are more appealing than a plain boring brown box. You can enhance the appearance of these cheap cardboard boxes by twisting them in terms of shapes. Like shapes, sizes also play an impressive role in creating amazing boxes. Where perfect fitting sizes helps in saving, on the other hand, perfect size helps in giving the impression that the boxes are full to their mouth with the product.

  • Clever designing

Saving some buck or getting effective packaging boxes in the lowest rates is absolutely possible. It is all about being creative and clever when getting the designs for your boxes. Firstly, custom designing that represent the brand in every way possible reaches its goals and objectives in less time and effort.

A design must go with the essence of the company and must be trendy, stylish, and expressive.

  • Abstract
  • Minimalistic 
  • Lines 
  • Patterns
  • Comic 
  • Vintage 
  • Retro

Australian subscription boxes trends keep changes with the needs of the time and if you are bound to spend a particular amount on your packaging of subscription boxes then the designs that take less printing are best. For instance, you can go for minimalistic designs or the colors that are easy to achieve. It reduces the cost yet creates a distinctive brand image.

  • Increase the worth

Some companies provide subscription box in Australia that can significantly increase the worth of your packaging boxes without costing you a lot of money like laminations and foiling. Lamination is an outer covering in different finishes as glossy or matte. It enhances the appearance of the boxes and gives a really fine or polished feel like any other high-end packaging boxes.

Lamination not only enhances the appearance but also increases the life of the printing done on the box. It also protects the boxes from adverse weather conditions like water, moisture, and heat.

Getting amazing packaging is not about the money you spend on it but the creativity is what does all the magic. Foiling and embossing techniques have made it really to make impressive boxes that stand out among the crowd.

Subscription boxes Australia in 2020 are all about sustainable packaging because of the destruction non-ecofriendly and non-recyclable packaging has caused. Plastic has played the biggest role in deteriorating the balanced eco-system. It is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the betterment of the surrounding we live in.

Well, thanks to cardboard, it is the most sustainable packaging material in the market that is in reach of everyone because of the availability of the raw material, low production and customization cost. Cardboard gives you the subscription boxes that you need unlike any other packaging materials that are not as flexible as cardboard and people have to limit their needs because of non-availability of the required shape, maybe size, or because the material is not graphics friendly.

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