15 Unforgettable Things To Do In Spain

Spain's tumultuous past and history have produced some of the most beautiful structures in history. The country’s outstanding historical architecture can be seen and appreciated even in the most secluded villages in the country.

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Highlighting the list of best things to do in Spain you should do

1. Visit Alhambra Palaces

Alhambra Palaces are one of the most famous destinations in Spain. Alhambra is known as the most visit and beautiful monument in Spain and a UNESCO Heritage site

2. Try the Spanish Cuisine

Spanish cuisine needs no introduction, it is famous for the combination of flavors and is loved all around the world. Try the authentic Spanish cuisine in the country’s local restaurants,

3. Visit the city of Granada

Granada is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and incredibly rich in culture and beauty. Spreading itself at the bottom of Sierra Nevada has many stunning structures and architecture. Granada’s cultural diversity and romantic intricate decorations make it the city a hidden Gem in Andalusia’s region

4. Visit the Beach of Cathedrals

Beach of the Cathedrals is named after the extraordinary natural rock formation that resembles the arches found in the Gothic cathedral that can be seen fully when the water recedes. The rock formation arches are almost 90 feet high.

5. Swim in the waters of Playa de Las Catedrales

Playa de Las Catedrales also features pristine sandy beaches and is extremely popular especially to those who seek to experience and feel a more holy kinship with nature

6. Explore the While village in Andalusia

Pueblos Blancos known as White Village in Andalusia is named for the unique whitewashed lime walls that the houses in this city have and known as one of the best cities to visit in Spain. These buildings were originally painted white to keep the infrastructure cool from the direct rays of the sun. The white villages, rugged in Andalucia’s hillsides and often on the mountain tops have steep and winding roads.

7. Visit Arabic Quarter

Arabic Quarter is a Unesco Heritage Site and one of the landmarks in the country. It is a representation of the culture and history of Spain.

8. Visit the villages of Andalusia

Some of the most popular villages in the region are, Vejer de la Frontera, Arcos de la Frontera, and Grazalema. Though buildings and houses are uniformly colored white each has its own characteristics and charms to experience and explore. These white walls date back from Romans and Moors.

9. Visit Seville

Seville is the capital city of Andalusia’s region, it stands out due to enormous and beautiful ornate colored towers and colonnades decorated according to motif and style. Sevilla is often featured in movies namely, Attack of the clones and Star Wars is stuffed with amazing sights, flamenco dancing, bars, shops, and a wonderful atmosphere.

10. Visit the Iconic Cathedral in Seville

The iconic cathedral is known to be the largest cathedral in the world and has a detailed and intricate interior design,

11. Visit Playa de Monsul

Playa de Monsul has unique moonlike volcanic rock formation, eroded caves, and primeval landscapes that make this an extraordinary beach in the country. Blessed with superfine sand, crystal clear waters, and abundant underwater life, this beach also features a gentle slope perfect for paddles. Playa de Monsul has been often used as locations for some scenes in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade due to its remarkable beauty.

12. Visit the city of Barcelona

Barcelona is home to some of the best and cleanest beaches and was awarded to have the best urban beach planning and ranked third of the most beautiful beaches in the world by the National Geographic. The city is known to have great nightlife and phantasmagorical buildings created by world-renowned architect Gaudi that are arguably one of the highlights of the city.

13. Stroll around the streets of Segovia

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, Segovia has medieval walls, ancient palavers, a gothic cathedral, and Romanesque Churches. Segovia city has preserved aqueducts of Romans when it ruled the country of Spain for 700 years.

14. Swim in the Caribbean in the European Continent

Recognized as one of the best beaches in Spain, Ses Illetes is as ‘the Caribbean in the European continent’. With its logs curve of white sand coast, soft dunes, and shallow ultramarine water, Ses Illetes deserves such recognition.

15. Visit Giralda

Giralda is a towering mosque turned into a building and offers incredible sights of the entire city of Seville.

Last words

However, this blog will totally help you out to do some amazing things in Spain to make out your holiday trip unforgettable. visiting Spain to see one of the best views of the Mediterranean sea and is popular for the vibrant and active atmosphere created by the beach bars, trampolines, windsurfing, and kayaking along this meticulously spotless shoreline and beach. just imagine and think about you were there. isn’t it amazing? So, don’t wait and book your American airlines reservations the right way to reach Spain. Such a perfect destination for a calmer and relaxing vacation.

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