Laptop on rent. Who can really benefit from it?

Today's generation is fast, restless and always on the move, but at the same time, it has developed and preached practicality. They have understood the importance of not just making money but at the same time saving it too! In present time, when money has become the solution to all problems, saving money and monetary investments is important more than ever. The Gen-Y and Gen-Z have stopped believing in materialistic things, rather they avoid such costly affairs and try to find better ways that'll equally serve their purpose.

This generation believes in agility, durability and efficiency and the increasing use of laptops is a prime example of it. Do you fall in the same generation that is stuck to their laptop most of the time? This is a question you should ask yourself, if the answer to this question is a 'YES', you should go for what's in and trending- oh yes, LAPTOP ON RENT! Where purchasing a good laptop costs anywhere around 25000 Rs. - 80000 Rs., renting of IT accessories, especially 'laptops on lease' is picking pace and becoming a trend amongst the younger generation and working class. Some of the major reasons for this development include benefits like standard quality, after-rent response and service, financial flexibility, array of upgrade options and portability. From a high-end laptop like MacBook Air to a standard version Lenovo or Dell, one has a range of 'Laptop on Hire' options to choose from.

So in actual, who can be the potential beneficiaries of 'Laptop on Lease?'

1. Startups and SMEs

Companies that are newly born, looking to make their mark and prove their point, laptop on rent is a great choice to begin with. Being a laptop rental startup ourself, we know how important it is to save on hefty expenses and still find a way to get the job done. Startups don't begin with a lot of paraphernalia, they begin small time and need small steps to be taken. Laptop on hire is one way that gives you the ultimate chance to cut on expenses, enjoy adequate space and carry your work along with you.

2. Freelancers

In the post Covid-19 world, it will be necessary for many of us to be 'Atmanirbhar' or self-reliant. FREELANCER, a self-sufficient person who has adapted to the corporate work, but at his or her comfort. Today, we've freelancers in almost every corporate field. Be it a CA professional or an AD professional, a laptop is always at the helm of their work! Leasing a laptop would be a good choice for freelancers. Rent a laptop if you have project-based work, be it technical, design, creative or even call-centre like work. You need not burn your hole for a project-based work that'll be completed in 10 days and the rest 20 days the laptop sits idle. Moreover, when leasing a laptop you get to choose the number of days, weeks and months of laptop rental subscription options.

3. Side-Preneurs  

A hard-working employee by the day and an ambitious entrepreneur by the night needs adequate resources to flesh out and execute ideas and plans. If you are that ambitious entrepreneur who wants to go an extra mile to achieve your dreams, laptop on rent is the way forward for you. It gives you cost-affordability, brand options and flexibility.

4. Designers

To all the designers working in different creative firms, we know the high-end systems you work on, laptop on rent is a good option to work your way. If you go to purchase a high-end laptop like a MacBook Air or laptops with rapid processors and ram, it will certainly cost you anywhere between Rs. 50000 to Rs. 85000 or more. Renting a high-end laptop with swift processors, graphic cards will function smoothly and serve your purpose at pretty reasonable rates.

5. Interns

A big shoutout to all the hard-working interns, if your hired company pays you a meager stipend but you are determined enough to be more productive at your work, laptop on rent is a good choice for you. Unlike purchasing a laptop which is a costly affair, hiring a laptop will cost you less and even manageable in the given stipend. What's more? Renting gives you the period to choose your laptop rental subscription and choice of brands right from a iMac to ASUS, Dell or a Lenovo.  

6. Travelling/ Sales people

While having a good speedy desktop at home is always a good option, it's always advisable for travelers and sales people to carry a laptop with them. Whenever you are travelling, maybe to an event or even a family getaway, a laptop on rent is always a good pick to have. You have the ultimate flexibility to choose the laptop on rent for a shorter period to a long tour, based on your requirements.

In this present tech-geek generation, where renting is the new cool, hiring a laptop and other IT materials for your projects is an efficient plan of action.

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