7 Types of Lighting for Your House

Lighting is an essential element of home decor. No matter how expensive or funky decor you get, not using correct lights may bring down the glamour quotient. Make sure you install lights in such a way that it illuminates all the corners of your home. You may experiment with different types of lighting options such as chandeliers, table lamps, floor lights etc. You may create a beautiful environment at your home by combining different types of lights. You will be surprised to know that a good light not only enhances the decor but it also has a huge impact on the mood and minds of the people living in the house.

Here we list some of the amazing lighting ideas to brighten your home.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is one of the important types of lighting. The other two being task lighting and accent lighting. Also known as general lighting, ambient lighting works as the primary and important source of lighting to your home. Good ambient lighting works magic. To get your ambient lighting right all you need is choosing the right type of lights such as chandeliers, recessed lights, ceiling lights, pendant lights etc.The main task of ambient lighting is to provide overall illumination to your room.

Task Lighting

As the name suggests, task lighting helps to focus on any specific task at hand, such as typing, reading, writing, sewing, cooking etc. It is mostly used while working, hence it is also referred to as office lighting. The best way to use task lighting is by getting good contrasting lights. Some of the amazing task lighting you may choose include pendant lighting, vanity lighting, swing arm lamps etc. It is believed task lighting is also helpful to stimulate your brain, that further helps to make you alert and concentrated.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting adds a beautiful style and drama to your home by focusing on the specific area you want to highlight. This type of lighting is usually installed over the artwork, bookshelves, funky furniture etc. Not just homes, this type of lighting is also seen in museums, art shows etc. Make sure you choose the lighting wisely taking into consideration several factors such as location, style and size of your home.

Foyer Lighting

As we say, 'the first expression is the last expression', a foyer lighting is the first thing that one notices when someone enters your home. So, make sure you add a little drama to the grand entrance of your home. With some creativity, decking up your foyer with some attractive flush mount fixture may take your lighting game to a different level. Make sure you install foyer lighting fixtures above eight feet from the floor. Some of the foyer lighting options to choose from includes spotlights, pendant lights, chandelier, recessed lighting, cove lighting etc.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

Usually, a living room is a space where we spend most of the time. So, make sure your living room lighting game is on point. Choose the lighting of the living room in such a way that it is ideal for numerous activities you perform in the room, from reading to relaxing and from watching television to organising parties. For the same, you may add different layers of lights in the room. Experiment with different lights and choose the ones that work best for you. Some of the lighting options that are ideal for living room interiors include a chandelier, cute and colourful lamps, ceiling lights, pendant lighting, recessed lighting and much more.

Lighting Option for Your Dining Room and Kitchen Area

Your kitchen area and dining room is a place where you spend time engaging in warm conversations with your family members. Make sure you choose lighting options that amp up the glamour quotient without going overboard. Make sure you choose lighting fixtures that are practical and task-focused.

Lighting Option for Your Bedroom

The bedroom calls for relaxing and calm lighting options. Even though a bedroom is a place where we spent hours sleeping and hence the darker the better. But it is also a room where we spend a lot of time reading and relaxing, hence having a well bedroom interior designing is important. From flush mount ceiling fixtures to chandeliers and from pendant lights to recessed lighting, you have plenty of options to choose from. Make sure you choose the lighting options that are suitable for your requirements. For instance, flush mount ceiling fixtures are suit​​able for low ceilings and pendant lightings are the best option for high bedroom ceilings. While chandeliers give a royal touch to your bedroom. If you have a large walk-in closet track lighting is an option you may think of. You may even consider funky floor lamps to illuminate your bedroom seating area.

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