Advantages to Using Vertical Blinds

Sometimes you do not give much thought to what window treatments are on the windows around you until you have to make the buying decision yourself. Often at that point, you realise that there are a lot of options when it comes to types of treatments, styles, and more. So when you want some control over the sun getting in, and you want something that looks great one of the types you could go with are blinds. There are different types of blinds though, Venetian blinds, roman, and the ones we will explore more here, vertical. Let's look at the advantages of using vertical blinds in your home or office.

Protect the room from strong sun rays

When that sun starts shining in the room can get very hot very quickly. The glass magnifies the heat of the rays which is good in winter months, but less so in the summer. As well as making it hot, those rays can cause damage to your furniture and furnishings as they can cause fading and sun damage over time. With blinds up, you can protect your things and save money from having to replace them.

Other ways blinds can save you money

With great vertical blinds protecting the room from that heat you will need to use your air conditioning less in the hot months. It keeps your room comfortable to use and saves you money on your energy bills. It also means in the winter it keeps heat in the room rather than it escaping through the window.

Good for your health too

You might be curious about this but it is a fact that having some good blinds can help you stay healthy. You will have less eye strain, fewer headaches and a place that is comfortable and safe for you to use.

Material options

What is great about vertical blinds is they come in a few material options so you can consider your personal needs and preferences and choose the best one for you. The materials you can choose from include aluminum, plastic or PVC, and fabric. Here is a look at each of them;

Aluminum – These come in a large range of colours and they are super easy to clean and look after. But they can get damaged and bent and once that happens there is no way to fix that.

Plastic or PVC – These are a great practical option in terms of being easy to clean and you can get them in different colours too but there is the concern of their less impressive durability. This is because it can discolour from sun damage when it is of lower quality. They are also not environmentally sound to make so if you are trying to be more green and do better for the planet plastic is not the best choice.

Fabrics – These can be affordable, you can have a range of colours and styles and they can really add something to the space they are in. There are some great woven fabrics for a bit more money.


Whether you choose venetian blinds or vertical, there are some great options out there and blinds can play an important role in how a room functions, and how it looks.

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