How to Manage Your Dorm Room Storage with Trunks

Leaving your home to live in a dorm room can be a life-changing experience for absolutely every student. You get to live in a completely different environment than you are used to, and you must manage everything yourself. Speaking of management, the biggest thing that you need to look after is your storage space. As you will learn, the amount of storage that you must make during your dorm life is shockingly small. When it comes to storage, there is one thing that has proven to be a true savior and companion for all kinds of situations, especially dorm living. Yes, we are talking about the famous trunk, a grown man’s ultimate companion.

Trunks are a highly versatile piece of luggage that you can use in a variety of different ways. They come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of materials as well. This means you can often use them for more than one purpose as well. However, we will try to stick mostly to the storage part in this article. One of our favorite places for getting high-quality trunks is Pottery Barn, and you can get yourself a decent trunk for a good price by using a pottery barn discount code.

Closet Storage

The main space for any dorm room resident to store their stuff in is the closet. Once you go to a dorm and start living there, you quickly realize how small the closet space is and you start imagining scenarios where things get out of control and everything is a huge mess. However, with a little bit of control, organization, and a good quality trunk, you can easily take care of that situation. Talking about being realistic with the things you should keep is a whole another discussion. However, when it comes to organizing what you have, trunks provide the perfect three-dimensional space. You can get a trunk that is made specifically for storing things in the closet from Pottery Barn for a great price by using a pottery barn discount code.

Use the Bed

One of the biggest spaces where you can store stuff is the underside of your bed. That is a large enough space for some large things to fit into. However, you can use it to fit different trunks to manage your belongings easily. One of the best tricks here is to buy trunks with different colors so you can organize things in them according to their color. This is a huge problem solver for a lot of different scenarios. Pottery Barn has a beautiful collection of silver trim storage trunks with solid colors that can help you implement that strategy quite effectively. So, you can maybe use one trunk to store all your books and other school supplies and use another to store your out of season clothing, and so on.

Free Coffee Table

Having a trunk does not mean it is supposed to live in the shadows of your dorm room. with a good-looking option, you can take things to the next level without spending extra money. Want to spruce up the lounge section of your dorm but do not have the money to buy a coffee table? Why not plan a little bit and get a trunk that has the look to match the ambiance of your lounge area? Given how sturdy and well-built trunks are, they can easily take the job of being coffee tables and you can still store things in them to meet your needs. Pottery Barn has a whole range of trunks that are meant to be used as coffee tables so you are in luck, especially considering that you can get a nice discount on them as well using a pottery barn discount code.

Bedside Table

A lot of times, you would be in a dorm room where your bed does not come with a bedside table and that can be extremely annoying. Bedside tables are essential to put things like your phone, reading lamp, alarm clock, water bottle, and so much more. Not being able to reach these things while in bed can prove to be a serious hassle for any dorm room resident. However, it does not mean you need to go and buy a bedside table just for your dorm. You do not want to invest in furniture for the dorm room anyway, as long as you can avoid it.

In our opinion, the best solution for this is to go for a cube-shaped trunk that can easily fit beside your table. Anything in a solid color should be able to do the job quite well. You can easily find something you would like for this at Pottery Barn for a great price. And that price can also be brought down further using a pottery barn discount code.

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