Top 5 Technologies that We Might See in 2020

Nowadays, new technologies are being launched into the market every week. If you want to know about all the latest technologies, then this is the perfect place for you. In this article we will be discussing some new computer technology and mobile technology. Here are a few upcoming technologies that can make our lives easier and works faster.

5G Technology

There have been lots of rumors about 5G technology for several years now. We are expecting that 5G technology would be launched in 2020. It is one of the most trending topics in the field of technology. According to many experts, 5G would become the future of communication. It will have a huge impact on businesses.

5G technology is going to take internet speed to another level. It is expected that the average speed would be about 20 gigabytes per second. 5G technology would give a new dimension to mobile technology and self-driven cars. For providing 5G internet to users, network operators would have to increase their bandwidth efficiently so that the costs remain the same or lesser. Here are some benefits that 5G technology might provide:
  • Increase broadband for mobile communication.
  • More scope for the Internet of Things.
  • Enhanced flexibility and support.

Automated cars

Automated car is another technology that is expected to launch in 2020. Major companies like Tesla, Alphabet, and Waymo are all working towards making perfect automated vehicles. The idea of a driverless car is already gaining lots of popularity among people all over the world. The automated cars would use new computer technologies along with artificial intelligence for making complex decisions. We already have semi-automated cars and it won’t be surprising if we get to see fully automated cars in the near future. The rules might need some amendments if automated cars are lanched.

Edge Computing Technology

Nowadays, industries are more focused on the efficiency and rate of response of computing. Edge computing, a new computer technology plays a major role here. Edge computing brings data storage and computation closer to the required site, resulting in a reduced response time and lower bandwidth. It makes data processing lag-free. Edge computing also increases the security. More companies would use Edge Computing technology in 2020.

3D-Printing of Bionic Body Parts

No discussion about trending technologies can be completed without mentioning 3D printing. 3D printing is a much-anticipated technology in 2020. Several universities are already researching on 3D printing of bionic body parts. 3D printing can be a huge asset in the field of medicine. Scientists at Princeton University have recently 3D printed a bionic ear that has the potential of hearing sound frequencies beyond the capabilities of a normal human ear.

New Artificial Intelligence Products

Artificial Intelligence is a very well known term in the field of technology. Every year we are getting more and more products of artificial intelligence. In 2020 also we might get some life-changing artificial intelligence products.

Dominos and Doordash are planning to use robots and drones for delivering food. Scientists are also testing Telemedicine and virtual diagnosis using artificial intelligence. Citizen robot like Sophia and mind-reading wearable like AlterEgo gives us a clear picture of the impact that artificial intelligence would have in the future.

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