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When a friend does not appear in the party, despite saying that he is on the way, a worry arises. If something like that happens, people usually think that their friend ditched them. However, is it necessary that the friends ditch? Well, several things happen to our friends but there are no alarms that ring off telling what happened. If you are an Android user, there is hardly any chance that you may find your friend. Even if you find a way to track your friend's location, that will not be precise. Usually, such locations run into a dead end.

Besides, why do you need to track your friends?

Why Track Friends?

Tracking a friend might be a hobby for some guys. Like people use to share their locations with their friends and tag them in if they are at a popular place. Well, that is just a part of the fun. Why practically, people would need to track their friends?

  • How would you know that your friend had accident miles away from your home, and no one bothered informing you?
  • How come you know that your friend ran into trouble?
  • Can you know that your girlfriend is being chased by a predator?

Similarly, there are many other things that you cannot know about friends. And in every such situation, you need to track them. The only reason for that is to help them out.

How to Track Friends?

Tracking the real-time location of the friends is never difficult when you have OgyMogy. Phone monitoring app that lets people protect their loved ones without being with them. It helps in monitoring the friends by giving their precise location along with all the happening taking place. Indeed, it is a splendid solution that you can have to ensure the safety of your friends.

Ahead of that, OgyMogy is an easy-to-use and fully interactive monitoring solution. You have to subscribe to the app, input the details of the target, and begin tracking. Further, you will get all the information in a cloud portal that you can access easily. It is like a digital dashboard containing all the tracking data.

But wait a minute! What will happen if your friends learn that you are tracking them?

That can cause a series of troubles. Some might that that you are spying on them and want to get inside their personals. Some friends might blame you for harassing them. And someone might think that you were planning something bad for them.

No Spooking, Just Tracking:

If you go with OgyMogy, nothing like that could happen. None of your friends will know that you are tracking them. And even they will not be able to guess that something is their smartphone or tablet, monitoring their moves.

Well, OgyMogy is a professional app, and it features practicality instead of kiddy items. Once you get android spy app and add in the target details, it enters the target device and sites inside without letting them know. After that, everything your friend does and wherever they go, you will see that all. However, you need to make sure that you keep it discreet.

OgyMogy will not let your friends know that you are tracking them. Even it will never spook them, and they will not sense anything inside their phone. But if you tell it yourself or give them a hint, then OgyMogy cannot do anything for you. This feature is good especially if you think your friend might not realize the importance of tracking. Still, it is better and highly advised to let your friend know your concerns and seek their permission for tracking them. If you are close enough with them then they will definitely understand that your intentions are pure.


You never know when something bad can happen to your loved ones. We send our kids school, but how come we know that they are safe. Our spouse goes to the office, but what happens there will never be known to us. The same way, if our friends run into trouble, we cannot find them until we have OgyMogy.

OgyMogy is your monitoring partner that remains inside your friends' devices and keeps you updated with everything that happens. Certainly, it is the right app for you if you wish to protect your friends and keep them away from every danger.

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