Types of Online Advertising You Need to Know

Online advertising is one of the most significant forms of marketing these days.  If you haven’t boarded yourself then the chances are that you are missing out the mainstream of traffic and benefits you could have benefited from. The term “online advertising” has a wide spectrum and the consumers think online advertising as troublemaking and have ended up using ad-blocking apps. Online advertising is famous for involving its publisher recurrently, a publisher or advertiser can add their advertisements and have a check and balance as well. Online advertisement is sometimes considered as controversial which led them to have a directive. Now some publishers are placing their ads behind paywalls due to a decline in the revenue. They are now the best way of bringing sales and increasing leads. It was in 2016 that for the first time spending on digital marketing overcame TV ad spending this clearly indicates the importance of online advertising.

8 Types of Online Advertising You Need To Know

There is plenty of online advertising but you choose what’s best for your business use. Following are the types of online advertising.

Display Advertising

Images and texts are widely used in display advertising which is a kind of online paid advertising. Banners, pop ups and landing pages are the most general forms of display ads. In search results display ads don't show up which differ them from other kinds of ads. To seek user’s attention at the company’s product use most communal display ads are found on blogs and websites. Almost 70 percent of website visitors who are retargeted with display ads have higher chances to convert on your website. This type of advertisement is widely used by website design companies in New York.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Two types of online advertisements that promote content and increase views through exploration are SEM and SEO.

1. SEM: Each time the user clicks on the ad advertising pays for it instead of paying for the actual one. Through gaining some specific knowledge about market businesses are profiting.

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2. SEO: Different kinds of techniques are being used in order to attain a higher rank in search engine results, like linking, targeting keywords and meta descriptions are creating high level content so that the other sites would also link in. The difference between SEM and SEO is quite specific, SEM runs through paid strategy meanwhile SEO is pursued out like online advertising.

Social Media:

We should have our doubts clear that social media advertising is kept on growing each year considering these numbers that there are 1.65 billion active mobile social accounts with an increment of 1 million new users on social media every day. Hootsuite social media advertising statistics state that the budget of social media advertising has doubled from $16 billion to $31 billion in the last two years.

Two organic types of social media which are advertising are an online word of mouth technique and paid. The best way to increase the demographics of a company is by posting sponsored stories and by promoted posts without paying a bundle. These days two most used platforms are Facebook and twitter which are a cause of healthy relations between companies and their customers.

Native Advertising

We might have noticed those sponsored ads on the bottom of our blogs and Facebook posts, those are mostly suggested examples because they might have been liked by people or they are worth reading or may be recommended for you. It is a kind of advertising which tends to match with the function of the platform on which it appears.

Pay per Click (PPC)

The phenomenon of pay per click (PPC) is explained right in their name. Advertisers only pay for these ads when he clicks on them which as a tool subsidizes the strength of PPC, for example, if 100 people see an ad but only one person clicked the ad so the cost of the ad would exclusively revolve around that individual. Do you know 64.6 percent of people while purchasing online items do click Google ads?


There is an adverse type of online advertising but this advertising tends to do exactly what it says. To remarket itself this cookie-based technology follows its users around the globe.  According to some statistics, 98 percent of users don’t get converted right away, only 2 percent of web traffic are converted on the first go. Later on, the viewers who leave the website just after seeing the subtle hints (ads) are embattled and they are being recapped about their prior interests.it is a very smart way to connect with visitors and websites who may not have made a purchase, it allows you to share your ads to your targeted audience that may at some time have visited your website or maybe else someplace around the internet.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing which is responsible for the promotion of the company’s products or goods for which they even earn a commission out of each sale. It is extensively used by the blogger community who have an enormous amount of followers and they are beholding for submissive income. Affiliate marketing is usually a 3-party advertising agreement which is usually amongst consumer, publisher and the advertiser. At some instances affiliate marketing does intersect with internet marketing because it uses regular advertising methods .Affiliate marketing is usually mixed up with referral marketing as both marketing use the third party to convey their sales to retailers and affiliate marketing depends more on trust and personal relationships.

Video Ads

The growth of popularity of video ads is mostly relying on today’s youth.BI Intelligence report suggests that in ad revenue things digital video would nearly reach $5 billion along with the increment of average click through rate,1.84 percent for any digital format, and obviously, stats don’t lie. 55 % of consumers watch ads in their entirety while the rest of 43% want to explore the market for more video content.  And as we all know YouTube for being a number one platform for videos, markets have started instigating their strategies and videos for their users throughout which they can benefit themselves. According to the pay per click (PPC), method businesses are only willing to pay when someone would participate in watching an ad, with the help of analytics and customization. According to the hub spot statistics 48%of the markets might include YouTube as a major platform in their content strategy.

The Best Fit for Your Online Advertising Needs

If you haven’t got any incentives you better not worry because whatever your online advertising needs it’s all there if you are not willing to spend any money then you can start up with an organic social media or by search engine optimization (SEO).

If someone is willing to take an ad spend to the whole new level he might try these following advertising: PPC, display ads, remarketing, SEM, paid social media ads and video ads, such as underdone which have helped the biggest brands to make their statements online with the help of different types of online advertising by using ground-breaking technology. Every business has its own standing and the one that fits you can bring you the desired audience and results as well which are crucial for the growth.

Advertising has many advantages and disadvantages and according to my belief, its advantages overshadow its disadvantages. The major benefit of online advertising is that your advertisement can be viewed globally all across the world, and by targeting the vast amount of audience it takes your business to a whole new level. Its minimum incentives and low cost allow small businesses to initiate online marketing.

Daily users are being fascinated by its various services which makes it a convenient place for shoppers as well. It is allowing people to get more time out of their life for example you don’t have to drive into a store to pay the bill. We should consider that online advertising has helped us, humans, in many ways, it might have some disadvantages but in my opinion, its advantages outweighs its disadvantages. In the upcoming time, online advertising is going to rise to a whole new level as investors are interested in it more and it guarantees short term returns on investment. Online advertising has significantly helped not only large scale business but also small scale businesses and sole proprietors. People who don’t have a big capital to invest on their advertising or promotional campaigns can get the opportunity to advertise their brand not only in a limited area but globally in every part of the world with a minimum investment.

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