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On the off chance that you do a snappy online quest for "Southwest Airlines surveys," you'll notice that most of the audits out there are certain. Southwest clients value their effectiveness, worth, and quality assistance. Here's a gander at a couple of Southwest audits drifting around the web.

"Southwest is so trustworthy! We have had such a lot of good karma with them. Infrequently have we had a flight postponed. We like the manner in which they do the seating. " - Maureen M. Compare Southwest Airlines Reservation online flight offers with 1000s of other airlines & travel agents for the best price at Skyscanner India.

"I need to admit, I'm inclined toward Southwest Airlines Check in for your flight at least one hour before your scheduled departure. During check-in, select how you'd like to receive your mobile pass! They have been proficient, cordial and brief on any flight I've been on. Their airline stewards are happy and have an extraordinary comical inclination." - Jan F.

"I love flying Southwest since they have non-stop flights to most goals I visit most of the time. Most of the time I get the prompt riser check in which promises me a possibility at a conventional seat. (Southwest doesn't have appointed seating.)" - Korey K.

Obviously, much the same as every other aircraft, Southwest isn't great and there are some negative audits about them. Generally, Southwest grumblings are identified with deferrals and tumult or sloppiness by the carrier.

Cons of Southwest

1. Southwest Only Uses Boeing

Indeed, you read that right. Southwest's armada is totally comprised of Boeing 737 planes. This is generally because of the way that Southwest has an absence of global flights, so the bigger planes are redundant. A few people look at this as a genius since they know precisely what the plane will resemble, yet others think of it as a con since there isn't generally a five star.

2. No In-Flight Meals

Southwest is really a low-spending aircraft which implies they are severe about disposing of any additional items and extra administrations, including the nourishment. The planes are exceptionally present day and slick, yet they don't serve complimentary dinners, regardless of how far you are flying. You get what you pay for, and right now, don't get dinners when you fly.

They do, be that as it may, offer complimentary espresso, juices, and cold beverages on all flights. On the off chance that your flight agenda incorporates any direct flights longer than 2 hours, you will get a bundled nibble. You can likewise welcome your own nourishment on any Southwest flight in the event that you think you'll get ravenous

3. Open Seating Policy

Southwest's open seating arrangement can be a major issue for individuals who need to know or pick precisely where they are sitting. You don't have the choice to pay an extra expense to choose your seat.

That being stated, the prior you check in for your flight, the more prominent your odds are of having the option to sit where you need. Despite the fact that Southwest Airlines check in process is one of a kind, you can get in your favored seat with a touch of arranging.

4. Boarding From Front to Back

Some portion of the open seating process implies that individuals can sit any place they need and they normally sit in the front first. Loading up from the front to the back is the least effective approach to get onto a plane with this seating strategy. While it's a greater amount of a burden than an issue, it tends to be baffling to move over the individuals at the front of the plane who are attempting to plunk down and stow their gear.

5. No Airline Partnerships

Southwest has its own system of flights and has as of late extended to incorporate flights to Hawaii. In any case, Southwest isn't a piece of any carrier coalition. On the off chance that you are hoping to proceed with your excursion on-wards to a universal goal, at that point you will be unable to incorporate your booking or check your stuff through to your last goal.

Southwest offers a Rapid Rewards card where you get focuses for each $1 spent that can be utilized to book travel and get different prizes. The Southwest Rapid Rewards Mastercard is a mainstream decision among explorers as you get 40,000 focuses when you burn through $1,000 buys in the initial 3 months. The yearly expenses for a Southwest charge card go from $69 to $99 USD.

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