In previous era, the businesses was run in an old traditional manner. After some times the new changed is occurred in technology which totally changed the way of doing business in professional and ethical manner.

New technological advancements creates so much opportunities for a investor or a business man, now you can modify and convert your small  idea into a Large business. You just changed your existing business model into IBM Innovated Business Model.

In this blog you can see many successful case studies of well-known companies.


The well known and  most expensive mobile manufacturing company, does not produce any mobile by their own.

  • Did you know that the batteries of the iPhone are produced and build by the Samsung company in South Korea.
  • Iphone display are produced by the Japanese company.
  • The flash memory of apple iphone is built by the Japanese and South Korean company.

You are thinking that why the Apple company is a successful company in the word? Because they focused and use the Asset Light Model , they outsource their parts to other well known companies. The production need a lot of capital, human capital, so they saves their production cost by using of outsourcing strategy.

The focused on innovation and create their competitive advantage and become successful in whole world.

Did you know that WhatsApp is a world’s largest messaging service provider which is based on internet.
Brian Acton and Jan Koum went to the facebook to get a job but they rejected.  After this failure they create the Whatsapp messenger which converts into a largest messaging network in the world. Then facebook inspired by the WhatsApp and mark Zuckerberg buy it in 19$ billion in 2014.
Did you know that Facebook not have any content of their own, despite of that Facebook is rise as a biggest and successful social media content management system.
At the beginning the Facebook is not created as a facebook. It was a a weak and failed website named “Hot and Not” created during their college days which results in a failure.
But they convert their failure into a opportunity and they stand back with a new innovation which called Facebook. They adopt the new technology and understand the audience’s behavior and become successful.
Uber do not have a single taxi of their own but rise as a largest transport service provider in the world.
They connect the owner of the taxies and cars and travelers with their software or app and provide them a hassle free and comfortable rides to their customers. Through this platform millions of jobs are created all over the world. Uber are leading internationally by 50,000 drivers which are increasing per month.
Alibaba is well known and successful network of seller and buyers, and they also don’t have a single inventory of their own.
To expand their business they also create their own payment system now they don’t need to do contract with any third party.
They adopt new technological advancements and providing services by using artificial intelligence. They not use any human labor in their warehouses, they get their work by use of robots because they want to make a error free business.

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