Pros and Cons of the hPage Website Builder

hPage is an online website building tool which lets people create a professional website without hiring website developers and website designers to make their websites for them. It is ideal for those who are looking to build a website easily without investing too much time, money, and effort. 

In order to get a full website done in minutes, all you have to do is sign-up on the site and follow hPage’s website building blocks. This is done in a few simple steps: get an account, input your preferred domain name, decide if you want to go with the free website building package or upgrade your site to a paid package for premium site benefits, pick a website design template, add and edit web pages using their Smart Page Editor, and add your custom content and other site widgets.

In this article, we will explore how the hPage website builder fares when it comes to making professional websites for dummies, beginners, newbies, and those with zero technical knowledge.


There is a free website package and a paid website package. 
The free website has no hidden costs even after you sign up. This is perfect for people who are not looking for a long-time commitment or just want to try out the website for a while before they upgrade their website package.

Meanwhile, the paid package allows you to upgrade your website any time should you opt to have all the premium features when it comes to building your website. You can also cancel the paid option once your subscription period is over.

The page editor where you can create and edit your web page content is very, very easy to use. 
It is as easy as using a Microsoft Word document, in my opinion. You can tinker with the web page options on the top part of the Page Editor and you can easily insert images, videos, and other types of content and software widgets on your page. Once you press publish, it will immediately go live on your website.

Comes with website features (or website widgets)
On some website builders, you will still need to get or purchase website features and widgets from other external websites. This means that it will be an additional payment for you. But with hPage, these widgets and extra features automatically come with your account.

While some extra features only come with a premium paid website, there are also a few features which are available to those who use the free website option. To add them to your web page is easy- just go to the Page Editor and click the “Insert Extra” button.

Affordable price
The paid website package remains one of the most affordable website builder packages at just 11.50 euros per month or about 12 USD per month. Compared to other website builders, hPage is the cheaper alternative if you are looking to save a few bucks for the same quality and purpose.


Dated website designs
Considering that we are already at the turn of a new decade, the premade website designs at hPage seems to be stuck in the early 2010’s. Hopefully, they will update their design soon considering that they seem to be lagging behind in the website design category. And trust me, vision is everything for most customers.

Unnecessary website features
There are some website features that may be unnecessary in this day and age with websites. For example, one of the website features was a “Gimmicks” where you can put up an analog clock on your website’s web pages, snowflakes where snowflake graphics will “fall” on your web pages, and a magic dust mouse chaser which is a fancy mouse pointer graphic that sprinkles fairy dust as you scroll around. While these gimmicks might be the in-thing back in the day, it is certainly outdated now. Of course, these are only optional but if you wanna have a blast from the past of an internet age gone by, you can try these gimmicks for your website.

What a free website package comes with

The free package has no hidden charges once your choose this option. The best thing about getting the free version of the website builder is that it comes with no strings attached and you can easily delete your account if you find yourself unsatisfied with the services.

However, just because it’s a free website package does not mean that it’s an inferior service or you would not get the value for your time. It’s not like that at all! I believe that even with a free service, you can still get a good value out of a free website.

With the hPage Free Website Package, your free website comes with the following:
  • Price - Free (no hidden charges)
  • Storage Space - 300 MB
  • Basic website template selection - About 100 site templates to choose from
  • Domain - Subdomain of
  • Basic SEO service
  • Basic visitor statistics
  • Automatic Security Updates
  • Support - Basic customer support

What a paid website package comes with
  • Price - 11.50 Euros per month
  • Storage space - 10 GB
  • Premium website templates - Over 300 website designs to choose from
  • Domain - Professional top level domain (choice of .com, .net , .org , and more)
  • Custom email address - Up to 5  custom email addresses
  • Ad-free
  • Premium SEO service - Sitemap visibility, Custom meta tags, and more
  • Premium visitor statistics - Detailed Visitor Information (last 24 hrs), Geographic Origin (Country & City) of visitors, Keywords from Search Engines, ISPs Statistics
  • Automatic Security Updates
  • Support - Premium 24/7 support + basic support

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