Oppo Watch: Why It’s Better Than Apple Watch

We have seen Oppo making stylish smartphones for the market at large. Its smartwatches are a perfect combination of innovation and sleek designs. But, this Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has declared to launch its first smartwatch that looks quite similar to the Apple watch. Apple has released the latest model Apple watch series 5 in the smartwatch category. No matter how much these two watches are identical, you can differentiate them by features and functionalities.

Why Oppo Watch is Expected to Outshine Apple Watch?

The first appearance of the Oppo watch is nothing different from that of the Apple watch. It is square in shape with a dark UI. Apart from cellular connectivity, button-based band swapping and fitness features will draw your attention at any time. However, these are the following factors that have made Oppo watch impressive over the Apple watch.

Larger Curved OLED Display

If you like the larger curved OLED display, then go for the Oppo watch. The display of Oppo watch is larger in dimension. Moreover, it uses a 46mm case unlike the 40mm and 44mm of watches under Apple. The 368 x 448 pixels of Apple Watch is lower than the 402 x 473 pixels of Oppo. So, if you are an Apple Watch user, then you might have seen that the screen is 1.78in in size. Whereas, the screen size of the Oppo watch is 1.91in.

Edge-to-Edge Display

The edge-to-edge display doesn’t actually match the design of Apple watch. If you carefully visualize, then the display of Oppo watch is very much different from the Apple Watch.

Sleep Tracking

Fitbit watches have been offering the sleep tracking feature for years. Apart from this, some other brands of smartwatches also offer night-sleep tracking. But, Oppo claims that its watch tracks the sleeping pattern and duration of its users. Then, it generates a sleep report as well. Night sleep tracking is the feature that has Oppo watch to move ahead of the Apple watch in the competition. It’s because you won’t get the sleep tracking feature in any series of the Apple watch.

Multi-week Battery Life

Users of electronic devices mostly wonder how long the battery on their device will last. Smartwatch users raise the same question. So, if you want to use the previous sleep tracking feature, then the battery that must last throughout the night. As per the declaration of Oppo, its watch is capable of lasting for 40 hours with a single charge. Moreover, you can freely use all the features available with your Oppo watch.

Besides this, the Dual-Chip Endurance System automatically switches between a Snapdragon chip and an Apollo chip. This shift depends upon the power usage mode of your Oppo watch. Therefore, if you enable the Power-saving mode, the charge on your Apple watch can extend up to three weeks as well. However, you will be able to enjoy the basic features and receive notifications on your Oppo watch.

Thinner Design

The Oppo watch is almost 10.7mm thick to make it lighter and comfortable for users. Thus, the Oppo watch is pretty thin when compared with other smartwatches. The flexible hyperboloid display has allowed Oppo watch to get all the way down to 4.5 mm. This size is more than sufficient for a device with a battery, 5 sensors, and cellular connectivity.

Fast Charging

Charging is quite easy by connecting the Apple watch onto its magnetic induction charger. However, the watch would take almost 2 hours to get fully charged. Whereas, the Oppo watch takes just 75 minutes to complete the 100% charge. Even if a 15minutes charge will allow you to use the watch for 18 hours. On the other hand, this duration is possible only for fully charged Apple watches.

AI-powered Watch Faces

Apple offers a limited library to choose watch faces around on the Apple watch. Apple does not allow its users to choose third-party watch faces. However, there is no assurance that Oppo will give you this option. But, Oppo stated that its watch has a built-in style that matches the AI watch face. This watch face will then generate a wallpaper that will prepare a photo based on the user’s outfit. Therefore, you will invest in a stylish and unique look every day.

Release and Availability

Oppo watch will be available in all countries except for China. It is most likely to go out for sale on March 24, 2020. This information is available from news reports containing the statements by Oppo. So, wait for this time and control to hold down your desires for having a smartwatch that is somewhat different from all series of Apple watches and dont need Apple watch repair.

An Overview of the Latest Features in Apple Watch Series 5V:

Till now, we have discussed what is new with Oppo watch. But, know the features of the latest model of Apple watch in order to make the comparison stronger. It will also be easier for you to pick up the right one for your hand. So, here are the new features that one will get with the Apple Watch:
  • The Apple Watch offers an always-on retina display that will light up the screen even when you aren’t using the watch.
  • It equips a finish that is different from the previous one. Along with this, you will get an improved heart rate sensor tech at the back. The digital crown comes with a physical button for haptic feedback.
  • The built-in compass will be useful if you ever go out on an adventure. In addition, the richer mapping features will improve the better tracking of the direction in which you want to move.
  • The 32GB of storage is adequate for storing photos, videos, contact, or music.
  • Finally, you can opt for an international emergency calling with your Apple watch.

Final Remarks...

In spite of some noticeable differences, Oppo watch resembles the Apple watch. Still, this Chinese company has proved to outdone the smartwatch series of apple in certain ways. Therefore, we have already highlighted the five points of distinction between Apple and Oppo watch. What extra do you need to prove that Oppo is a better choice than the Apple watch? Hopefully, this information is sufficient enough to persuade you to buy the Oppo watch instead of the one offered by Apple. Now, it is up to you whether you will opt for the Apple or Oppo watch..

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