How to Use and Maintain Your CBD Vape Pen

If you want to keep on enjoying the many perks of vaping, it’s essential to maintain your vape Dr. Dabber vape pen. Cleaning your vape is a critical maintenance practice that ensures that your device’s life is prolonged. You know how expensive your vaporizer can be, and you don’t want to start shopping around for a new one after a short time. Besides, vaporizers that are well maintained produce the best-quality flavors that enhance your vaping experience.

If you fail to clean your vaporizer regularly, it accumulates dirt, which may harbor germs that may cause multiple diseases. For instance, specific sections of your device like batteries are exposed to the external environment and may harbor disease-causing microorganisms. Regular cleaning and disinfection get rid of these germs.

Furthermore, you’re vaping because you want to relieve the pain from some conditions that afflict you. Surely, you don’t wish to have additional conditions as a result of using a dirty vape pen. In case you don’t understand how to clean and maintain your device, keep reading this blog for useful tips.

Why we maintain Dr. Dabber Vape pens

A vape pen plays a critical role in your life; it enables you to get rid of nagging pain and experience a euphoric feeling. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that it’s clean all the time because you use it frequently. There are various reasons why you need to maintain your gadget. These include:

High-quality vape pens are expensive

You can confirm the fact that buying a high-quality vape pen is a costly affair. Therefore, to continue getting the desirable vaping experience for a long time, it’s vital to maintain your device. A poorly maintained equipment deteriorates rapidly and will be worn within a short time.

The cleaning procedure is easy

Many people tend to think that cleaning a vape pen is a complicated task. However, this is not the case as vaporizer cleaning is one of the simplest tasks that you can accomplish within the shortest time possible.

Optimum functionality

Regular cleaning of your vape pen ensures that your device functions optimally. For instance, if the part that connects the battery and the other essential elements of your device is blocked by filth, your device may not function well. Therefore, regular cleaning removes slime that hinders the optimal functionality of your tool.

Simple steps to keep your vape pen clean

Most vape pens come with manuals that guide you on how to clean them. However, in case you lack one, don’t worry because this section covers easy steps that can assist you in cleaning your device.

The following cleaning procedures are easy to follow when you want to have a well-maintained device.

Step #1: the dismantling of your vape pen

Before you start cleaning any vape pen, you must dismantle all the components from the heating chamber to the mouthpiece. You should remove all the trash from the chamber and ensure that it’s clean.

Step#2 brushing of your tool

A special brush that comes with your device is essential.

Step #3 mouthpiece cleaning

In case your device’s mouthpiece is not detachable, you can run it under warm water. You can use soft cloth-like cotton to wipe the internal and external parts of the mouthpiece.

Step #4 reassembling your vape pen

After cleaning and drying your Dr dabber vape pens components, you need to reassemble them back. You can then press the micro button shortly to restart your tool.

Frequency of cleaning

Although there aren’t any fixed regulations on how many times you should clean your vape pens, a good rule of thumb is to do the cleaning after twenty to twenty-five times usage. There are those who can clean their devices twice monthly, depending on how often they use them.

Soap and disinfectant to apply

Although the manual that comes with the device is expected to capture the kinds of soap and disinfectants to use to clean it, some may not provide clear information on what to use. For daily cleaning, a rinse-off is appropriate, but you thoroughly need to disinfect your device when switching flavours.

Alcohol-based disinfectants are appropriate when changing from a high VG e-juice with CBD Vape Kit . For this purpose, you can also use vinegar or specific vape cleaners. Other solutions you can use include distilled water and vinegar, the use of alcohol, and pure hydrogen peroxide. Please don’t mix hydrogen peroxide with any other agent.


Following the above highlighted and explained steps will enable you to have a long-lasting device that produces excellent flavors. You also enhance the general functionality of your device when you clean and maintain it well.

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