Camel Milk-A Desert Elixir of Arabia

If you have not had the soothing Wonder milk experience, you have missed an amazing Arabian specialty for sure. We are talking about the pristine specialty of the Arabian World “Camel Milk”

If you find yourself in an alluring Arabian Camel Tour on Halal Holidays, then boost up your body energy with the super tasty, super sweet and the purest Camel Milk.  You can also bring this incredible Saudi Souvenir home after having your religious sprees of Hajj and Umrah.

Camel Milk and its History

The Camel Milk is regarded as the Superfood of the Arabian world. It is not a new fad in Saudi Arabia. It has been consumed by various ancient tribes from Mongolia to Africa. The Bedouin tribe loved this milk by saying “water is the soul; milk is the life”

Camel Milk- A Sunnah Drink

The Milk was an inevitable component of the Holy diet of the Holiest Muslim Prophet (SAW). There are various Hadiths (Sayings) of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (SAW) about the medicinal properties of the natural gift of Allah (SWT).

According to an account, He (SAW) prescribed the Camel Milk and even its Urine as the remedy to the ailing group of people in Madinah. For further clarity read this Hadith

“A group of people came to Medina, became ill and their bellies got swollen…the Prophet asked them to go to the herd of Milch camels and to drink their milk and urine (as a medicine). So they went as directed and after they became healthy.”  Sahih Bukhari, (Volume 1, Book 4, Number 234)

From the scientific viewpoint, the swelled bodies indicate the presence of liver problems ( hepatitis) in the Arab people. Now the postmodern science, calls the Camel Milk as an effective remedy of hepatitis.

The Saudi Arabian Initiative on Camel Milk

The efficient dairy farmers of Saudi Arabia have started taking the initiatives to promote the Camel milk on the Commercial and Market level. In this regard, the untiring efforts of Saudi entrepreneur Walid Abdul Wahab are really commendable. He is the one who introduced the Camel milk on the global level.

Unlike the goat milk, the camel milk was not readily available in the supermarkets of the kingdom. It was solely used as medicine. However, the Saudi farmers like Abdul Wahab, took initiatives to bring them in the public markets for drinking purpose.

Nutritional Value of the Camel Milk

The nutritionists have estimated that the Camel Milk is the best alternative for the lactose intolerants. Lactose is the natural sugar present in milk. And the studies have shown that nearly 65-75 percent of the World Population is lactose intolerant.

The Camel Milk contains 10 times greater iron and three times greater vitamin C than that of cow’s milk. In nutritional value, it is closest to the human’s breast milk than any other animal’s milk.

It is an ideal hub of all the nutritional components like Protein, Vitamins, Carbohydrates and essential fats which are needed for proper body growth.

Medicinal Properties of Camel Milk

The camel milk has incredible medicinal properties which are surely going to amaze you. So bring this Arabian medicinal gem at home to keep yourself healthy and energetic

Camel Milk as an Anti-Septic Antidote

Camel milk is rightly known as the Desert elixir for its remarkable healing and medicinal properties. This pristine drink contains a large quantity of milk protein lactoferrin. This milk protein has anti-viral anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.  The fermented Camel milk with lactic bacteria fights against the germs Bacillus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, and Escherichia which may cause harm to your body.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

It is the Middle Eastern belief that the regular consumption of Camel milk helps in the prevention and control of Diabetes. The medical science has confirmed this fact today. The well-known health benefit of the Camel’s milk is that it is being used as the therapy in the management of type 1 and 2 Diabetes.

It is the natural container of 52-units of insulin per liter. Therefore, it naturally controls sugar levels in the blood.

Prevents the Risk of Cancer

A renowned researcher and a Saudi female scientist Dr. Faten Abdul Rehman, conducted research on the anti-cancer properties of the Camel Milk. She found that if some quantities of camel milk and camel urine are mixed together, and anti-cancerous medicine can be obtained to give it to the cancer patients.

Later, an anti-cancerous medicine Khorshid was developed by another Saudi female researcher Dr. Khorshid. It is an anti-cancerous pill that is used to treat the threatening cancer types including lung cancer, blood cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, and brain tumors.

Dr. Khorshid was awarded a Gold Medal for her valuable research and invention of an effective anti-cancer drug.

Helps in Anti-Aging

This Pristine White drink is brimmed with splendid Anti-Aging benefits. The Camel Milk is a great external healer as well. The regular and smart consumption of this desert elixir helps in skin whitening. It contains the amounts of elastin, vitamin C and lanolin which act as an anti-inflammatory agent for the skin.

It was excessively used by the ancient Bedouin Women as a beauty product to whiten their skins.


Instead of rushing for the artificialities, explore the nature and imbibe its everlasting benefits. The God-Made products are no less than a gem for a healthy human life. The luscious Camel Milk is one of the amazing pristine products of Arabia with numerous health benefits. Consume it and reap its benefits.

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