What to do When the Boiler Breaks down Suddenly

A boiler breakdown seems to be a miserable suffering particularly when it happens during the winter. Though it is advised to hire a professional who can look after of boiler repairs, all problems do not require hiring an engineer. So, did your boiler break down recently? Do you think it is not safe to use a defective boiler? Well, you should get in touch with boiler specialists who can help with repair, replacement, installation and maintenance services.

Choose gas safe registered engineers for your boiler breakdown

All gas related work should be performed by gas safe-registered engineers. People who are not registered or proficient to work on gas fittings can still perform wet work like water pipes and installing radiators. However, any work on the boiler including connecting it to the water supply and plumbing the boiler in can be done by registered professionals only.

You may tell if an engineer is gas safe-registered as they will carry an ID card. This ID card has a photograph of the engineer and their registration details, but will also state the kinds of appliances the engineer is fitted to work on.

You should not allow an engineer to repair the boiler in case their ID card says they are qualified to work on gas fires only. So, you should hire an engineer who is well-qualified to work on the particular kind of boiler or other gas appliance.

Deal with the problem of a boiler breakdown

If your boiler breaks down suddenly, then you may be annoyed when the central heating system does not work or you do not get hot water. In this situation, you should hire an engineer soon so that you do not experience such frustration for a long time.

Most boiler repair works usually require an hour or so, but if your boiler requires significant repair or replacement, then it might be a couple of days till the appliance run efficiently. If your engineer recommends that you should replace your boiler, you can use this boiler price guide as a reference for purchasing your next boiler.

You may need to change electric radiators or water heaters so that you or your family members may not suffer from health problems unnecessarily.

Check the thermostat properly

Some boilers might not be working properly in case the thermostat has been set at a lower temperature of 21°C. This is considered to be an energy-saving feature, however it can be quite confusing as it prevents the boiler system from further activation.

There are radio-frequency pairing issues between the boiler and the thermostat that seem to deliver unwanted results, however sometimes the thermostat might develop a fault by itself.

Some thermostats are more complicated when compared to others and so, you should go through the manual carefully to know everything is functioning properly. You may replace the batteries, as and when needed.

See if the fuse box have been tripped

If you had a power-cut recently, then the fuse-box might have been tripped. In the same way, the power loss might cause the timer on your boiler system to reset which makes you think it is mid-night when it is mid-day.

Check if the clock display matches with the current timing. If it fails to do so, it is already time to reprogram. You may search for the relevant instructions in the manual and in case you do not have a hard copy, tracking down everything online is a straightforward procedure.

It is advised that you do not attempt to touch any part of your boiler or central heating system unnecessarily. It is always better to remain safe than feel sorry as this might make things worse. You may get in touch with a specialist for your boiler repair in kensington and see that the system works efficiently all through the year.

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