5 Reasons to Sponsor a Child with Lok Kalyan Samiti

We all live in a secure environment full of love and happiness. Our beloved family members surround us. But have you ever thought about those children who don't have anyone to take care of them? Lok Kalyan Samiti, a New Delhi based NGO has been thinking and converting their life for better since 1952.

This NGO has launched a program called sponsor a child. People have started contributing because this is the best way to secure a child's life. If you are interested in donating for a child's education to secure his or her life, then you will get all the details here.

Secure a deprived child’s life

This is a program under which children can get education from nursery to the board exam or class 10. Anyone can sponsor a child across the world. So it's not necessary to be an Indian to secure a child's life. Over 4400 children have already received this sponsorship from kind-hearted people across the world. Let's check out what children get if he has this sponsorship program.

Education is the priority

Let’s check out what a child gets under this sponsorship program.
  • A child can get full education starting from nursery to 10th education
  • Apart from that, a child receives annual health check-up
  • He or she receives all the accessories, including school bags bottles shoes and so on.

Apart from that, different co-curricular activities are performed to enhance their talent and knowledge. These activities come under the annual activity calendar. They get to know all the important and religious occasions. Apart from that, teachers test their painting knowledge. These children can participate in educational tours, essay competitions, children festivals and debates as well.

Extracurricular activities are also added

If you sponsor a child's education, he will be blessed by his knowledge. Along with that, children can participate in different extracurricular activities, including drama, music, fancy dress competition, dance, street plays, folk songs, painting, and so on. These developments are also a part of sponsor a child program. A child always needs the motivation to win every role in his life. That is why LKS distributes prizes and awards among these meritorious students.

LKS improves a child’s life in every possible way

LKS has different communication channels. These channels came into existence through different self-help groups, community volunteers, parents meetings, workshops and other campaigns to combat social evils. This NGO wants to make sure that each child gets a proper education. In the future, at least they can respectably earn their bread and butter.

Every child deserves a secure life

Lok Kalyan Samiti has been helping these children for years. The volunteers of this NGO have walked through waterlogged areas and slums to rescue these children. Starting from drug addicts to gamblers or even drunkards, they have encountered everyone. But still, they knocked on each door to offer them education and good health. 

They have started school and tuition coaching centre. Shri Romesh Bhandari, the LG of Delhi was very much impressed by these activities. So he allotted a plot in Nand Nagri. Now many people across the world are associated with this sponsorship program.

So if you want to contribute to improving someone's life, you can simply visit the official website of Lok Kalyan Samiti and send your donation from this site. After donating, you can even track everything from this site only. Keep in mind that nothing can give you more pleasure than a child's smile.

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