Natural Looking Contact Lens Designs

Before you consider getting a LASIK surgery procedure or you don’t feel like wearing an eyeglass,  your best alternative is contact lenses for your eye correction or vision problem. We will discuss here the important things about contact lenses before consulting with an eye doctor, and getting that natural look when you’re wearing one.

Why contacts lens is best for you?

Contacts precisely lie on your eyes, giving you a clearer vision compared to an eyeglass which may obstruct your peripheral view. You can confidently move around, especially during sports and outdoor activities. When it comes to style, you can change your eye color with contacts in which eyeglasses cannot do.

While it will ultimately depend on your overall preferences, comfort, convenience, function, and looks are the major factors worth considering. Here are other advantages of wearing contact lenses:

  • Contacts adjust well to the flexure of your eye, giving you a wider view, and less interference when wearing them. For the best shaped expressive eyes, visit this site and check out the Enlarge series contacts.   
  • Contact lenses blend well with your fashion style
  • Contacts will not be foggy during cold weather conditions
  • You can change try out different styles, especially that natural-looking contact lenses. For natural-looking contacts, you might want to check out these Huda series products.
  • There are types of contact lenses that also help to rework your cornea during sleep. It acts as a therapeutic process that transitory remedies myopia, making your vision temporarily clear when you wake up.

Are there contact lens designs that look natural?

The key here is to choose the color of a contact lens that is closest to your eye color. By doing this, the more natural-looking contact lens will be.  There are many options to choose from but different brands vary on the levels of a natural look.

For the best natural look, one of your best options is colored contact lenses. If you want your contact lenses to be just like your natural eye color, colored contacts are mostly available. However, different contact brands also have varying prices; some known major brands may have the best quality but relatively pricier than the others.

What are the types of colored contact lenses?

There are two types of colored contact lenses and they are categorized by level of translucency:

  • Opaque - this is the type of colored contacts which conceals the original shade of one’s eye. Usually available in flat and varying color intensity, opaque contacts adds tone and alters eye color. This type of colored contact is best for eyes that have darker hues. Available in several styles and designs, you can consult this site for the most natural-looking contact lenses for your eyes. 
  • Enhancement tint - for more natural-looking lenses, enhancement-tint contacts normally have semi-translucent colors that enhance your natural eye color. Enhancement tint contact lenses only modify the shades but not the eye color itself.

Why should you choose natural-looking contact?

To enhance the natural color and the look of your eyes that doesn’t cost much, then natural color contact lenses are for you. There is a wide selection of natural-looking contacts for different eye shades and available in several colors too.

For best results, here are the highly recommended contact lenses that will enhance your natural eye color:

1. Brown Eyes - musky shaded eyes are can be a bit challenging when it comes to natural-looking colored contacts. For this eye color, the best fit will be opaque colored as it complements dark brown shades. Another suggestion is to opt for the tonal types of colors instead of a plain or flat one. 

For more curves and enhancing features, a lighter shade of brown opaque lens slightly infused with specks of mahogany and amber and mahogany can add proportions to the lens. On different angles, the color will change but the natural look will be the highlight.

2. Green Eyes - turning the eye from green to a contrasting type of light shade with the same color family depends on the contact lenses. For this type of eyes,   enhancement-tinted contacts can transform dull green eyes to a greyish hue or even light blue.

To prevent your dark green eyes form overshadowing the contacts, it is best to use the medium to heavy-tinted lenses. Adding some touch of hazel and caramel-colored enhancement tints can add energy to the pale emerald eyes.

3. Blue Eyes - among all the eyes color,  the light-shaded blue is the most flexible when it comes to natural-looking contact lenses. This can be attributed to the blue eyes’ fewer volume of dark pigments; which gives a more translucent feature the color.

In addition, people who have a pair of blue eyes can both apply opaque or enhancement lenses.  For the most natural look, use either violet or grey-tinted contacts. The eyes can change colors without affecting the natural luminosity. If you have a fair complexion and you are fond of using lighter shades of eyelashes, then this is highly recommended to you.

4. Light Brown and Hazel colored eyes -  if your eyes naturally have these colors, then enhancement-tinted lenses are perfect for you. Hazel colored eyes can be highlighted with green-tinted contacts which can transform it into a deeper emerald shade.

The same can be applied with a light brown colored eye to get that natural looking hazel effect. Dark, translucent lenses are good choices too as its transparency enhances radiance and natural light of the eyes.

With contacts, go as natural as you can be
Natural colored contacts enhance the features of your eyes without the unnecessary attention. Natural-looking contact designs also make your eyes bright with and give you  clearer vision.

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