How to make a “perfect” Landing Page?

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If you have two campaigns with different promotions, you will get many more visitors if, instead of letting your visitors enter your website through your home page for all and the different offers you offer, you make a Landing Page dedicated to each promotion. This way you can make sure and you will be able to perfect, in a more efficient way, each offer.

An effective holder

It is essential that we use the advertisements to capture the attention of our audience and pull them; therefore, the owner of the Landing Page should be clear and convincing, because it will be the first thing they read about us (probably). It is like an exercise in synthesis; you should be as clear as possible with the title (and copy of the ad, obviously).

Call to action (CTA) where?

Your Landing Page should have a clear call to action, telling your users exactly what to do: buy now, try something for free, sign up or any other. Avoid having more than one CTA, yes; that is, one per copy. The goal is for your potential customers to focus exclusively on one thing, which you are asking for.

Be thorough with the description.

The Landing Page are designed to turn visitors into potential customers. The most logical thing is to have them fill out a form or complete a specific transaction, such as a purchase. But how can we achieve it successfully?

It's simple. The solution is not miraculous, but it is, statistically, at least, the one that can bring us the most benefits in the long term: provide enough details and highlight the benefits and features, without getting bored or distracted by the user, in the same Landing Page

Support your Landing Page with Quality images

Choose one or three images, at most, to give support and quality to a particular product or service. These should complement your offer, but not dominate or determine the call to action.

Design considerations

Remember that your potential customers are watching the Landing Page from a variety of screens. For this reason, keep in front the most important information and in the center, so that visitors do not have to scroll and to see the rest of the information on the page.

We have been in the Digital Marketing world for some time, so take the above recommendations as professional advice to create a Landing Page to guide visitors through the sales funnel you have designed.

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