5 Must-buy Tech devices on This Christmas

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Christmas is around the corner! People are busy shopping various things. If you are a tech devices lover and want to make your home super smart, then walk through this post. Here, we have listed 5 devices that you need to mark the at top in your list while doing Christmas shopping. Let's check them out.

Silent Snore

Are you fed up of hearing those scary snoring noises during bedtime? Can't you sleep well because your partner is snoring? Well, worry not! Silent snore can help you. Gift this tech device to the one who is snoring and not letting others sleep.

This small device controls snoring in an efficient manner without disturbing your normal sleep cycle. 

Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC2200 WiFi Mesh Extender

If you hate using slow internet, then going with Netgear Nighthawk X6 Setup can help you. No matter how far you are from your WiFi router, doing Netgear Nighthawk setup, you can not only enjoy improved WiFi signal strength but also great internet speed.

This Netgear extender model has fetched the attraction of many eyeballs. The WiFi boosting device offers perfect performance and data speeds. It supports a wide range of features that helps in intensifying the WiFi coverage of your home. Incorporating advanced roaming technology, the extender helps your smartphones get connected in a matter of seconds with the strongest WiFi connection point through Netgear Genie setup. The device can easily be connected to the routers of all brands, hence you can connect it with your current router without any problem.  

This is the second device in our list that everyone should have in their home this Christmas!

Better Charge

No one wants disruption while using mobile, be it for work or checking social statuses. But, battery drainage can hamper your experience in a big way. If you don't want to invest on a new smartphone every year, then this tech device can help you.

Better charge makes you free of the web of wires. To make use of the device and charge your smartphone, you need to just place your device over the gadget and attach the adapter to the back of your phone. Your smartphone will then charge up in a matter of minutes without any cables.

Arlo Baby HD Monitoring Camera

Netgear has launched Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera that allows you to peep on your kids. If you often are going out for daily home tasks, then this camera can take care of your baby(s) as you can check the activities of your kid(s) anytime, anywhere. 

Besides, you can pair up this smart security device with other smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Echo Spot, Echo Show, Apple HomeKit, and many more. This is a must-have option if you want to secure your tiny kids. Apart from that, it can be considered as the best Christmas gift for your little ones because the device comes with a very cute design.  Flaunting little animal shape, the camera makes your home more sweet.

AC1600 Gaming Router

Are you a gaming freak! Can't sleep without playing online games? Well, worry not! By doing Netgear AC1600 Setup, you can play online games without any hindrance. With dual band support, the router delivers WiFi speeds up to AC1600.

The router is ideal for those gamers who want to get WiFi coverage throughout the land in their home. Thus, you can play games anywhere, be it backyard or first floor. The router supports 8 or more wireless devices, so you can invite your friends to join you this Christmas for a hot game battle.


We have listed the above products after a lot of research to save you from the hassle of choosing the best tech devices for your sweet home. We hope that you find the list loaded with amazing products and will surely add all these to your smart home. Share your experience of using these products with your fellow-readers and let them also enjoy Christmas shopping to the fullest! Merry Christmas!

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