5 Tips for Outdoor Lighting Maintenance during Winter

During dark winter nights, your landscape lights should be shining bright. You should take care of your outdoor lighting fixture during the winter season. The outdoor lighting will let you enjoy your landscape during winter nights and also offer protection from burglars and thieves.

For doing the maintenance and proper inspection of your landscape lighting, call professional electrician Northern Beaches.

Here, we have listed some points that will help you to keep your outdoor lighting system in good condition:

1) Keep the Outer Lenses Clean

The accumulation of dust and dirt will block the light from the bulb. If you want your landscape glowing during dark winter nights, then you should keep the outer lens of the lighting fixture clean, especially low voltage lighting fixtures.  To keep the lenses clean, you can use nonabrasive cloth and a good cleaning solution.

Also, after a snowstorm, remove the snowflakes collected on your light bulbs. If you have installed the halogen bulbs in your landscape, then they will emit heat when they glow up and meltdown snowflakes collected over the bulbs. Else, if you have LED bulbs in your landscape, then they will not emit heat and you have clean the snow by yourself.

2) Check out the Exposed Wires

During winter, the temperature immediately falls down and increases that result in a free and thaw cycle. If you observe any exposed copper or broken wire, then immediately call a good electrician like electrician Northern Beaches Sydney for repair.

Never try to do it yourself, and always take the help of professionals to avoid any risk. The professionals can do it efficiently and make all necessary repairs before starting of the winter season.

3) Adjust All Lighting Fixtures

With the passage of time, the light fixtures can be misaligned or get damaged. Before, starting the winter season, you should immediately call a good electrician in your area like Northern Beaches Emergency electricians and ask him to inspect all outdoor lighting fixtures. He will thoroughly check all the lighting fixtures and re-align them if required.

You should carefully remove the snow accumulated over the lighting fixture. If any professionals removing snow from your driveway, then aware them in advance about the lighting fixtures installed in your driveway or walkway.  Also, you can take the help of flags or poles to indicate your outdoor lighting fixtures when the area is completely covered with snow. The perfect way to keep your landscape lighting in optimum condition is to prevent them from any accidental damage.

4) Examine the Bulbs

Due to very high ambient temperature, the bulb lifespan decreases. Therefore, we recommend you to check the condition of all outdoor bulb and change the bulbs that are burning out soon.  In the low voltage system, each bulb will draw less voltage.

But, if any bulb burns out, then all other bulbs will start receiving more voltage. This way, other bulbs will start burning out soon.  Also, the outdoor lighting fixtures are expected to run for long nights, therefore, it is imperative to do bulb examination.

You should hire an electrician like electrical contractors northern beaches and ask him to replace all your outdoor halogen bulbs with LED lighting fixtures. The LED lighting fixture comes with a long warranty and also they consume less electricity.  He will also help in cleaning lenses, proper fixture alignment; do a thorough examination of all lighting fixtures at your property.

5) Figure out Moisture-Related Problems

Due to the accumulation of ice and snow, the various system outlet problems arise. Did you know that ice melting can lead to tripping of GFCI outlets? When the GFCI outlet trip down during the icy cold winter season, you should push the reset button and cover the outlet properly.   Always take necessary safety measures while dealing with electric tools and equipment. Check that the cover of the outlet is in proper condition, if it is damaged, then replaces it with the new one.

Also, check the condition of the outlet, if it is not fine, then you should call a good electrician in your area to resolve the issue. Also, you should reset the landscape lighting timer with the help of professionals.

Final Words

If you do not want to have a dark landscape during the winter season, then you should maintain the outdoor lighting fixtures in good condition. Replace the old and damaged fixture with a new one, realign the fixtures, check for exposed wires and do all the necessary things to keep your landscape bright and shinning. You should also call an electrician before starting of the winter season to do a thorough electric examination. 

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