Best Deep Cleaning Tips Before Moving into a New House

nullA new house or apartment presents so many possibilities. When you are moving to a new home, it is essential to think about what needs to be cleaned. Make sure you list out detailed notes before cleaning the house. This ensures that you don’t miss anything after arranging the items. Whether you are taking the help of packers and movers Delhi or relocating on your own, thoroughly deep cleaning your new house before moving is the must.

Step-by-Step Process to Clean Your Home

First, prepare with all your cleaning tools like washcloths, gloves, damp sponges, soda, cleaners, bleach, etc. to clean your home. Also, make a list of what cleaning should be done first like ceilings, bathroom, kitchen, floors and furniture. Choose what is suitable to clean first.

  1. Clean Ceiling: Clean the fans, shelving, overhead lighting fixtures, and other features close to the roof, as they are exposed to get grimy. While cleaning the blades of the fan, the dust tends to fall down and mess up the place. To minimize the damage, use an old pillow cover over each blade and wipe away the dust. Most of the dust will be collected inside the pillow cover, which can be cleaned once you’re done. Later, clean the light fixtures and lamps, if any. 

  1. Shiner the Walls: After you are done with the ceiling, all the dust will be fallen down and on walls. Go from top to bottom, dust the walls with cloth/sponge, later use mild soap and warm water to get the shine on the walls. Use vinegar to clean the dirty strains effectively as they remove the germs. 

  1. Do the Kitchen: Kitchen is one of the crucial places to be cleaned as it gets dirty very soon. Let's start with the refrigerator, remove all the glasses and shelves and clean them with a soft sponge and mild soap. Use baking soda or vinegar to absorb the odor. Next do the appliances: oven, stovetop, sink and dishwasher. If the strains are hard to remove, make use of baking soda to remove the dirt.

  1. Bathroom Cleaning:  You get many bathroom cleaners in the market to clean your bathroom. If not, use vinegar and baking soda paste to remove the dirt from tiles, tub, shower, sink, walls, and tap. In addition, also make sure to clean and sanitize the light switches, door handles, faucets, and toilet paper holder. It is good to keep a freshener in your bathroom. 

  1. Finish the Floors: Clean your carpets with a mild soap and warm water to remove stains and germs. You can also give carpet to the professionals to do it. Buy floor cleaners from the market and use them regularly to keep it clean. Use a vacuum attachment to clean edges and corners for tile, wood and linoleum floors. Finish it by mopping, making sure to use safe products suitable for the surface. 

            You can also take the help of packers and movers in Gurgaon for your relocation needs.

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