Protect Your Home: Why Regular Chimney Sweep Services Are Essential

Fireplaces are a delightful way to heat up a room while giving a beautiful ambiance.

Without proper maintenance, they can quickly become ineffective and dangerous.

The number one thing you can do to keep your house safe and running efficiently is to have regular chimney sweep service.

This article goes over the most common issues caused by a poorly kept chimney, and how a sweeping service can save the day. You can save yourself money and a potentially tragic loss by scheduling regular service.

Dangerous Problems Caused by a Lack of Chimney Sweep Service

Serious issues can arise if you don’t properly maintain your chimney. Your home, possessions, and even your life are at risk when you gamble using a dirty chimney.

         Your Chimney Can Catch Fire

Obviously, this is the most dangerous and concerning problem you can face when your chimney is filled with debris. If your chimney catches fire, your home and possessions are at great risk of being damaged by smoke or worse, destroyed by fire. At this point, you’re relying on your local fire department to put out the fire in time.

Carbon Monoxide Will Build Up

As your chimney becomes filled with the byproduct of fire burning, creosote, the airway to the outside becomes obstructed. So instead of the smoke rising freely out of the house, some will get stuck and pushed back down into the room. This leaves you and your family at great risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Poor Ventilation Can Cause Health Issues

Air quality in your home is important. When your chimney flue is clogged you’re trapping harmful fumes inside of your home. These fumes can cause dizziness or headaches and possibly worse symptoms.

Chimney Issues That Can Cost You Money

You don’t need to experience a fire to lose money by an unserviced chimney. Here are two issues that can hit you at the bank:

         Dirty Chimneys May Heat Less Efficiently

When your fire doesn’t get proper airflow, it can affect how your wood burns. Often airflow restriction in a fireplace will cause a need for more fuel to be burned than normal.

         Structural Damage is Possible with a Dirty Chimney

If soot and debris are left to sit on the interior walls of your chimney, it has the ability to corrode the lining. Once the lining is compromised, the actual chimney itself can become damaged.

Get Peace of Mind with a Clean Chimney

When you schedule your chimney for a proper service cleaning, someone will come out and sweep out all debris, soot, and creosote completely. After the cleaning, they will thoroughly inspect your fireplace and chimney and can usually perform a smoke draft test if needed. Normally, a yearly cleaning is sufficient for most households.

In Conclusion

You can save yourself a lot of money and possibly heartache when you have a regular chimney sweep service. This service helps you avoid structural damage and starting a chimney fire that could potentially cost you your entire home. Having your chimney serviced is the number one thing you can do to keep you and your home safe.

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