Playing poker online vs other people

As technology advances, more people gain access to it. Some of the more traditional ways of doing things are getting digitized. One of those things gaining traction with online communities is online poker. In the past, the only way to play poker was to go to a casino or a friend's house to play a few rounds. People are increasingly switching to online poker to get their daily or weekly dose of poker. But just because something goes digital does not mean that the old way of doing things does not still have value. Playing in person still holds significance for the player and can provide some benefits you may not get from playing online.

Below, we will examine the pros and cons of playing online and in person and who might benefit from either form of playing the game.

Pros and cons of playing online

Online poker is a growing business, and it's so simple to play when you can find the best us poker sites by clicking here. But like anything that grows, especially as expeditiously as online poker, there also are some downsides. Here are some pros and cons of playing online poker.


  1. More games with less time—In-person poker is a slow, methodical game that can take an hour or multiple hours. With online poker, the game can go quicker, thus giving you more opportunities to play.

  2. Convenience—Scheduling and getting a group of friends in one place is also time-consuming and sometimes impossible. With online poker, a player can easily sit in front of a computer and have access to millions of online players or play against the computer.

  3. Welcome to all socioeconomic statuses - Players can find themselves out of a game with in-person poker because the other members have more money to wager. With online poker, a player can play with people of a similar socioeconomic background and not feel out of place.


  1. Isolation—Playing online poker can be an isolating way to play a game. While you can talk to people through a headset, it may not provide the same social aspect you get from playing in person.

  2. Distractions—Distractions exist everywhere, but when someone is playing in their house alone, the slightest thing could grab their attention, taking their attention from the game, which requires focus.

  3. Delays in payment—Using online resources to withdraw your winnings from a game could be tedious. Instead of instantly receiving the money in person, you may need to wait a day or two to withdraw your winnings online.

Pros and cons of in-person poker

The traditional ways have their benefits. In-person poker has been around for most of human history, but it would only last that long if people enjoyed it and it provided some benefits. However, just as online poker has its bad side, in-person poker also has its bad side. Here are some pros and cons of in-person poker.


  1. Social aspect—Human beings are social creatures, so they must interact with others in person. In-person poker facilitates this social dynamic for many players.

  2. Strategy development—When you can be around players and see their movement and other body language, you can form a strategy using your body language to give off cues. As mentioned before, poker is a methodical game, so it's crucial to be able to develop an approach based on what you see other players doing.

  3. No pressure—When you play in person, you are most likely around friends, and there is no pressure to be the best. You can have fun with friends and play a safe, healthy poker game.


  1. Time consumption - As mentioned before, playing in person requires the time to travel to a friend's house or a casino, and individual games tend to take longer.

  2. Game choices - There are many ways to play poker, and you can access all of them online. But when in person, your only access depends on the other player's experience.

  3. Tempers—When money is on the line, tempers can flare up, and friendships get tested. When playing online, everything is done through a screen, while in person, everything is live and must get dealt with at that time.

Who would enjoy either version?

Each of these versions is relevant in today's society, but some people may find one version of playing the game more enjoyable. A person who is comfortable being alone and finding it easy to focus will find online poker a more beneficial style. When it comes to in-person poker, the characteristic of the person who would enjoy this version would be someone who is very sociable, has the time to spend going to the necessary locations, and enjoys the old-school approach to poker.


Playing poker has been a fun pastime for a long time in human history. To this day, it remains one of the top games people play to pass the time. The only difference today is the advent of the internet, which has given players the option to play online. While online poker has been growing in its user base, the in-person version of playing poker will always have its place and will most likely be around for a long time.

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