Top Beauty Hacks to Simultaneously Save Time & Look Amazing

Even if you feel as if, before you read this article, that you could not be more efficient when it comes to saving time with your morning and evening beauty routines, there is certainly no harm in looking for ways and means of treating your skin and body to a touch of luxury, without being late for work.

With that being said, continue reading to discover five outstanding beauty hacks to simultaneously save time and look amazing too. 

  1. Replace Your Mascara More Often

First consumption: Whether you invest in high-end, designer mascara, or else feel as if one mascara stick is basically the same as the next, regardless of the price, it is highly likely that you are not replacing it as often as you should.

Old mascara will not only put your eyelashes at much more risk of looking clumpy and sticky but will take you considerably more time to apply in the morning than a new, slick, shiny one. 

  1. Ditch the Razors & Wax Strips!

Whether you tend to only shave your legs when you know you will be wearing skirts and dresses, or else when you are getting ready to go on vacation, or else no matter what the weather and your daily plans, shaving is part of your morning routine, there is another, more effective and quicker, way. 

Leading clinics with experienced clinicians offer laser hair removal in Reno NV, for not only body hair on the legs and pubic region, but also for the upper lip and chin, too, and will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you have. 

  1. Use Translucent Powder

Next, once you have applied your lipstick and it is looking flawless, remove any excess on your teeth. Instead of wiping it with your thumb, apply a small layer of translucent powder.

This way, your lipstick will last much longer, meaning you do not need to constantly reach into your purse to reapply. 

  1. Pink Nail Varnish!

For those who simply do not feel dressed and ready for the day when they are not sporting freshly manicured fingernails and painted toenails, there is a quicker way of looking put together: to use a coating of pink gel in between salon appointments.

Not only will a generous coating of sheer, pink gel nail polish look as if you have just dashed back from a Parisian nail salon, but it is also a much quicker way of having healthy and clean-looking nails. 

  1. Diaper Rash Cream

The final beauty hack is one that, if you have ever had a tattoo, you will already be familiar with and is the multi-purpose and exceedingly affordable, diaper rash cream, which can be used to soothe the skin after ink.

In addition, should you be suffering from a dry patch of skin, chafing, or even a case of accidental razor burn, diaper rash cream acts as a soothing, calming, and cooling agent and is a must-have. 

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