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Now more than ever, people are out exploring their world. The best part of the adventure is that with today's technology, they can save their memories digitally and share them with their family and friends. Many travelers have started writing blogs to document their travels. Some do it just for fun while others are using their digital creations to generate an additional stream of income. People love fun and adventure and many have subscribed to multiple travel blogs. They make great guides if you are looking for vacation ideas.

Be Creative

Travel bloggers move from place to place documenting all of their activities and adventures. Some ride motorcycles. Others travel in vans. Families often use motor homes or camp in campgrounds. No matter what your mode of travel is, be creative with it. Take video clips of being on the road and setting up or tearing down your camp. Show it all, even the little mistakes like getting trapped in your tent or falling over the campfire. Life is an adventure. Live it. Love it and most of all, enjoy it!

Share Your Adventures

The best way to share your adventures is to write about them. Take a few minutes each day and recap the events. Take a few photos and shoot a short video clip. All of these little snippets of time can be used to tell your store. You don't have to blog every day, but sharing your adventures three or four times a week will keep you in the public eye and boost your audience.

Add Photographs

Photographs and videos fill in the gaps where your writing leaves off. Use different shutter speeds and lighting techniques. You can create beautiful images simply by adjusting the settings on your camera. Upload your images and videos to your blog every day as a sort of video diary. You don't always need to tell a story with words. Sometimes, a simple photograph can say more than you could ever put into words.

Offer Reviews for Your Favorite Places

Many people enjoy travel blogs for the thrill of the adventure. Others look for interesting places to go and unique vacation spots. If you like writing, include reviews of your favorite restaurants, hotels, and other places of note. Showcase places that aren't known to get a lot of attention. Let your readers know what you think. Add as many details as you can so they get a good idea of what the place is really like.

Travel bloggers sometimes stay in hotels. Visit First Choice Inns ( to learn more about what First Choice Inns has to offer bloggers who choose to stay with them. Many hotels offer office areas where bloggers can use all the technological perks they need to upload their photos, videos, and content. Staying in a hotel for a night or two can be rejuvenating, especially if you have been traveling in a van or on a bike/motorcycle. Take advantage of the hospitality.

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