Exciting Outdoor Games For Bonding With Friends And Family

Spending time outdoors is an excellent way to connect with family and friends while engaging in healthy games and physical activity.  For barbecues at the park or at home, some friendly competition in backyard games is a great way to entertain guests while keeping them out of the grill and other operations. 

Look into the activities listed below for great ideas on outdoor games for your next party or gathering. When you provide quality entertainment and outdoor activities from Elakai Outdoor, everybody will look forward to your get-togethers.

Ring Toss

A ring toss game handy for outdoor games is fun and easily portable. Pegs are mounted to the game base, providing a target for thrown loops. There are many ways to play, with most games having designated scores printed on the pegs. Hook your hoop on the peg to score points and win the game with a high score. Look for a solid base with weather-resistant hardware to get the most life out of your investment.

Lawn Bowling

Show off your bowling skills with lawn bowling. Lawn bowling can be set up anywhere there is room for the game, such as a backyard, park, or even the beach. The premise is the same as bowling in an alley; ten weighted pins are set in standard formation. Roughly 12-15 feet should be between the bowler and the first pin of the setup. Bowlers take turns rolling the ball at the pins, knocking down as many as possible in two throws with a maximum score of ten points per frame. There are ten frames to score points, with the highest score being the winner.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is an ancient game enjoyed worldwide and considered an outdoor classic and terrific for all ages, making it ideal for parties, barbecues, or family outings. A level, grassy area is recommended for bocce balls so as not to damage the pieces when throwing. Bocce ball sets consist of eight balls and one smaller ball called a pallino. Prepare to play by marking off the field in approximately 60 x 12 feet space for sufficient play. Matches can be played with two players or split into groups for larger crowds.

Paddle Ball

For limited space, consider a paddle ball set for outdoor games. A paddle ball set consists of two paddles resembling ping-pong paddles and a plastic ball about the size of a softball easily stored in a drawer. There are several ways to play paddle ball, with a popular option being two players volleying the ball back and forth without letting it drop. Whoever enables the ball to drop loses the game.

Friendly Fun

Consider a few games above for friendly outdoor fun at your next get-together or outing. Choosing portable games extends the fun for everyone when traveling or on vacation. Outdoor games also make great gifts for special occasions. Consider investing in quality games that will last over time with durable hardware and quality construction for frequent play. Some friendly competition is a beautiful way to bond with your friends and family while creating memories of good times together. 

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