Beyond Compliance: The Long-Term Benefits of Arc Flash Training


Ever wondered what life would be like if we did not have electricity? We’d never have had the most important appliances in our home, let alone sufficient lighting. Electricity is one of the most impactful inventions that the world has ever seen in ages. The invention led to the establishment of factories and brought light to people's homes and offices. 

This way, daylight dependence became minimal since people’s habits changed, like their working hours, sleeping schedules, and traveling habits as they could now drive at night. However, despite the advantages that come with electricity some dangers come with working with electricity. One of these electricity hazards is arc flash among others.

What’s Arc Flash?

Arc flash or flashover, occurs when an electric current travels through air leaving its intended path to the ground or from one conductor to another. As a result, a light and heat blast may occur.

What Causes Arc Flash?

Some major causes of arc flash are;

      Accidental contact with live and exposed parts.

      Operating damaged live equipment

      Troubleshooting loose live equipment

      Poorly maintained electric equipment

      Lack of proper training and awareness

How to Prevent Arc Flash

With the severe implications of arc flash, it is important to take measures that could reduce the severity of these hazards. 

      Training workers who are on-site

      Wearing personal protective equipment when handling electricity

      Regular checkup and maintenance of these equipment

      Reducing energy output from an occurrence

Effects of Electrical Arc Flashes

Instances of Arc Flash caused by human error or faulty equipment can even lead to death or lifetime injuries. People working near electric equipment and experiencing Arc Flash can suffer severe burns, blindness or even hearing problems. 

This is why arc flash training compliant with NFPA 70E is important to everyone who is operating or working near electric equipment from trained electrical engineers, supervisors, and electricians to janitors among others.

Staying Safe With Arc Flash Training

With the harmful effects that result from an arc Flash, training is very crucial, especially for people working near electric equipment. Arc flash training opens up an opportunity for electric equipment handlers to learn the safety measures they need to prevent them from the hazardous effects of arc flash.

They are equipped on how to implement safety measures, respond to arc flash-related emergencies, and select and wear the right personal protective equipment.

What’s Covered in an Arc Flash Training?

Arc flash training from leading trainers such as Facility Results focuses on identifying and understanding arc flash risks and implementing safety measures to avoid incidents. It emphasizes best practices for recognizing and avoiding arc flash hazards to prevent injuries and equipment damage.

The program also teaches risk assessment to help workers identify potential dangers and mitigate risks. The training is designed to help organizations meet NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements through coverage of topics specified in applicable safety standards.

Benefits of Arc Flash Training - In Summary

Comprehensive arc flash safety training programs that meet NFPA 70E standards are key to reducing arc flash incidents and injuries in the workplace. When facility managers prioritize providing their on-site staff with proper certification, they equip workers with critical knowledge to identify hazards and take necessary precautions. Seeking assistance from experts in compliance training like Facility Results can help ensure a safer working environment for all.


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