What To Do After A Fender Bender Accident?


Fender bender refers to accidents that happen at low speeds. Fender bender accidents do not cause severe or fatal injuries but cause minimal damage to vehicles. Fender benders can occur in parking lots where cars can get hit while backing out of their parking spots. You will probably remember your first fender bender if it happens with your first-owned car.

Although fender bender accidents do not cost anyone their lives or cause expensive damage to properties, one should still report a fender bender if they are involved in one. Reporting a fender-bender accident allows you to receive monetary compensation for the damages incurred. You can directly speak to a Fort Wayne personal injury lawyer about your situation.

How to report a fender bender accident and file a claim

Knowing what to do during an accident scene is an integral part of a claim and also helps speed up the whole process. Below are some common steps that you should take if you are ever in an accident:

  • Call the police to report the accident and any injuries.

As fender bender accidents do not cause catastrophic or life-threatening injuries, you will likely be fine enough to make calls. The first thing you should do is check if there are other people who might have been injured at the scene. If you find an injured person, immediately call 911 to alert medics. If nobody is hurt, you can file a report by calling the local police authorities. You might be asked to head to a police station to file a report or have an officer sent to you. Make sure to ask for a copy of your claim report, as your insurance company might need it.

  • Exchange information and take notes.

Exchange information like insurance information, contact numbers, vehicle numbers, etc. Click pictures of the scene and make detailed notes about it. If there are witnesses available, note down their names and phone numbers. Documenting such details and information helps your insurance provider investigate better about the accident.

  • Protect your car from suffering further damage.

If possible, try and get your car off the road to avoid causing further damage to it. If you are unable to get your car off the road, consider setting up flares to make your car visible to other drivers so they can avoid it.

Getting into an accident is never fun. It can also cause distress to people freshly having a new car. Damaging your newly purchased car can be upsetting, but filing a claim can help you get your car fixed faster and allow you to enjoy car rides in your new car again.

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