VA Sleep Apnea Rating - How to Ensure You Receive the Benefits You Deserve


Sleep apnea can cause many symptoms, including snoring, irritability, dry mouth, morning headaches, excessive daytime sleepiness or falling asleep at work, and impaired memory. These symptoms can be severe and interfere with a veteran’s ability to function daily.

Under the current rating system, a sleep study is the key to determining your VA sleep apnea disability rating. But that could soon change.

Complete Your Medical Evaluation

For veterans who be afflicted by excessive sleep apnea, the incapability to get ok rest can make it impossible to function, work, and hold relationships. This can result in a lack of employment and even homelessness.

Many conditions can cause sleep apnea, consisting of disturbing brain damage, bodily ache, and exposure to dust and fumes. In addition, PTSD can lead to sleep deprivation and other aspect consequences, along with weight advantage and insomnia.

To receive a VA sleep apnea rating, you need to undergo a compensation and pension exam by an independent examiner and get a medically diagnosed diagnosis of the condition. It would help if you also got a prescription for a breathing assistance device, like a CPAP machine. Your veteran’s disability attorney can help you work with your doctor to ensure the drug includes a written statement that the device is medically necessary for treating your sleep apnea. This is called a nexus statement.

Get a Sleep Study

If you want to receive a high VA disability rating for sleep apnea, the best way to prove it is with a sleep study. A sleep study is an overnight test that monitors brain activity, eye movements, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, snoring, and chest movement. It is typically conducted in a medical facility or specialized sleep lab and takes about two hours to set up, Emsellem notes.

In many cases, an in-lab sleep study is the only option for those who may be dangerous to themselves or others on the job (like taxi, bus, and rideshare drivers). Similarly, in-lab tests are the best options for those seeking a 100% or TDIU rating.

To prepare for a sleep study, shower before arriving at the sleep center, and don’t use hair sprays, gels, or oils. Also, don’t drink caffeine or alcohol before you go to bed. Upon arrival, a tech will greet you and show you the facilities and equipment before escorting you to your room for the study.

Get a CPAP Machine

It has been verified that sleep apnea dramatically raises the risk of diabetes, coronary heart ailment, coronary artery ailment, heart attack, and stroke.You can reduce your chance of these health difficulties by purchasing a CPAP machine and using it consistently. The good news is that CPAP therapy has been shown to avoid these complications.

You may get a CPAP machine, mask, and accessories directly from your sleep clinic or physician’s office. However, in case you buy them some place else, it’s crucial to double-take a look at that the version and specifications comply with your physician’s guidelines

Consistently high-quality sleep gives your body the energy to function correctly and maintain mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Start the journey toward better sleep by taking a home test today! Then, see a sleep coach to help you find a CPAP machine that suits your unique needs. You’ll be glad you did!

Get Treatment

The key to a good rating is having proper documentation and treatment. If you are using a CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea, make sure the VA knows this is medically necessary.It additionally facilitates to have a physician give an explanation for how sleep apnea interferes with day by day sports.

Many veterans have a couple of situations that contribute to their sleep apnea, consisting of PTSD or the facet outcomes of medicines prescribed to treat PTSD. These situations exacerbate every different, making it difficult for veterans to get ok rest and can impact their fitness and fine of existence.

It is crucial to recognize the complicated interactions among various conditions whilst filing a declare for provider-related disability reimbursement. 

Contact an experienced veteran’s disability lawyer for help preparing your claims file to maximize your chances of receiving the benefits you deserve. Their firm has extensive experience in assisting veterans with service-connected claims for sleep apnea and other disabilities connected to military service.

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