All About Breasts: How to Love Yours and Care for Them Properly

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and should be celebrated. No two breasts are exactly alike, and this diversity is 100% normal and entirely beautiful. Yours can be small, large, pointing upwards, pointing downwards, or even pointing outwards. They may even change over time if you get pregnant, gain weight, or even as you get older. 

Understanding just what’s normal for your breasts, how to care for them, and your options, can help you embrace your body and boost your self-esteem. Loving what you have comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes, all you need is to love what you have. Other times, you just need the right bra. Sometimes still getting a breast augmentation is the way to go. With this guide, you’ll learn how to love yours, and how to care for them properly: 

How to Choose the Right Sized Bra

Wearing the right-sized bra is essential not just for comfort but also for maintaining the health of your breasts. Ill-fitting bras can lead to discomfort, pain, and even long-term issues such as back and shoulder pain. Always get yourself properly measured, and not just by the sales rep at a big block store. Go to a specialist lingerie store, get fitted, and see just how the right bra can make a difference. Keep in mind you may need to go a few times in your life as your breasts change in shape and size. 

Top Exercises for Your Chest

While breasts are not muscle, the muscles in your chest do play a big part in how they look and even how well they’re supported. That’s why adding chest exercises into your fitness routine can be so important. Start with push-ups, chest flies, and chest presses to start building up strength in your chest. Not only will this help with any pain, it can also help your breasts look perkier while you’re at it. 

Use Cosmetic Surgery to Reshape Your Breasts If Needed

If you still don’t love your chest, and want to make changes, do it. There’s absolutely no shame in getting breast augmentation done if it’s something you’ve thought about, saved up for, and want done for yourself. You can get a reduction if yours are too large and painful for you, or you can go to get breast augmentation in Houston to even your breasts out if one is significantly smaller than the other. You can even get them reshaped, expanded, or lifted. There are many ways that you can alter your breasts, just remember to invest in the best possible treatment for yourself so that you can get incredible-looking results. 

How to Check for Breast Cancer

Knowing how to give yourself a self-exam, regardless of whether you’ve had work done or not, is essential for your health. Always keep track of any changes in size (that can’t be explained like pregnancy or weight gain), skin texture, or shape. Raise your arms to check all over, including your underarms. You’ll then want to use your fingers to check for any lumps, knots, or changes in texture around your breasts. 

If you find anything, book a doctor’s appointment and get a mammogram done. The earlier you catch breast cancer, the easier it is to treat. 

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