Essential Steps to Take Before Partnering With a Supplement Manufacturer

When done correctly, launching a new supplement line can be an exciting and rewarding experience. To ensure that happens, brands must ensure that all aspects of the launch process go smoothly. This includes everything from finding the proper private label manufacturer to choosing the perfect packaging for their products.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

In this competitive industry, you must create a strategy for marketing your supplements and creating repeat customers. Consumer buying decisions are based on trust, so building and maintaining that trust is essential. Select a supplement manufacturer that understands your brand and goals. Look for manufacturers that can provide formulating, sourcing, blending, manufacturing, and packaging services. They should also be able to offer customized labeling and shrink labels that will add to your product's appeal. Check the manufacturer's minimum order requirements. This way, you won't waste money on products you can't sell. Also, review their margins to ensure they are within your target range. Ideally, a 75% or higher gross margin would be best. This will give you the best chance of success, especially if you scale with paid advertising.

Identify Your Target Market

A supplement company needs to identify and target its core market. This includes determining the demographics and preferences of consumers to inform branding decisions and content creation. For example, supplements marketed to fitness enthusiasts and "weekend warriors" should feature bold colors and easy-to-read fonts. This will help make the products stand out on shelves and resonate with this audience. Developing high-quality supplements that align with your target audience's needs and expectations is essential to standing out in the competitive dietary supplement industry. Personalized recommendations, online tools, and exceptional customer support can boost your brand's visibility and sales. Also, consider partnering with brick-and-mortar stores to leverage their physical presence and sell your supplements on a commission basis. This will help you minimize marketing costs while expanding your reach.

Develop Your Product

Starting a supplement brand is an exciting yet intimidating venture. The best way to minimize risk is to form a limited liability company (LLC). This business structure protects your assets from any possible business debts or lawsuits. Before choosing a custom contract manufacturer, research their years of experience, references, certifications, specific department procedures and specifications, and minimum order quantities. Ask about their cGMP warehousing facilities and ensure they comply with regulatory guidelines. Thoroughly vetting your custom contract manufacturer is essential for a smooth product launch. A quality manufacturer can focus on production and marketing while you are busy developing your brand image and designing a marketing strategy to bring people to your new products. Marketing includes everything from social media to grassroots strategies like leaving flyers at the reception and waiting rooms of gyms, salons, and spas.

Choose a Name and Logo

In the supplement business, brand image is everything. A great custom contract manufacturer will prioritize your company's needs, provide quality products, and build trust with you and your customers. Look for manufacturers who offer both stock label and custom label options. Some will even print your brand name and logo on the labels for a more professional appearance. Choose a company with experience in the supplement industry that offers a variety of product formulations. Their expertise will help you to formulate the perfect product for your niche market and target demographic. Review minimum order requirements and how long it will take to receive your first batch. You want to save money on products you can sell. Also, ensure the manufacturing company will work with you to schedule reorders and avoid out-of-stock situations.

Decide on a Packaging Design

When evaluating supplement contract manufacturers, consider their production capacity and capabilities. Ensure they meet your specific product specifications, including ingredient sourcing, quality control measures, and regulatory compliance. A manufacturer focusing on a quick manufacturing lead time could help your brand if their products meet your exact specifications in the long run. Select a custom contract manufacturer who can offer you both stock and custom-label options for your supplements. Custom and shrink labels will help you further differentiate your brand in the eyes of like-minded consumers. Ultimately, consumer buying decisions are based on trust, efficacy, and consistency. Picking the proper custom supplement manufacturer will ensure your products deliver all that to first-time and repeat consumers.


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