Best Selfie Spots Near Victoria Station

Victoria Station is an important part of London's transportation infrastructure. This long-distance rail station welcomes millions of passengers to the capital every year, and with its nearby Coach Station and attached London Underground station, it's responsible for moving huge numbers of people through London.

It's also located close to some of the best places for photography in London. If you find yourself with some time to kill between trains, there's no need to sit in the station feeling bored. Instead, drop off your bags at a Victoria Station luggage storage and take a short trip to some of these unique photo spots in the British capital. After all, how else will you make your friends back home jealous of your social media feeds?

Eccleston Yards

Ecclestone Yards is a unique spot that was only recently opened to the public. Located just across the street from Victoria Station, this complex features historic railway arches and cobbled streets that are great for taking interesting photos. With its high walls, tall buildings, and unusual angles, Eccleston Yards has everything you need for awesome selfies and group pictures.

This revitalized industrial space is also a perfect spot for shopping and dining, so you can do more than just take photos here. But the quirky stores and hidden vibe of this unique place make it great for some interesting London photos.

Sloane Square

Sloane Square is one of London's most iconic locations and a great place for taking selfies. This station is just a few minutes walk away from Victoria Station, so it's easy to get there in no time. The square itself features a stunning fountain surrounded by classical architecture, which makes it the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos. On top of that, the many shops and cafes nearby make Sloane Square an ideal spot for lunch or shopping after your photo session.

St James’s Park

For nature lovers, St James’s Park provides the perfect setting for some lovely outdoor selfies. Located just across the river from Victoria Station, this park is known as one of London's Royal Parks and consists of lush green spaces, charming lakes and ponds, and beautiful flower beds. 

It's a wonderful place for walks or bird watching - but also for taking some really stunning selfies. The park is full of great photo opportunities, from the iconic bridge over the lake to the multitude of wildlife that can be spotted on its grounds.

Kings Cross Station Platform 9 3/4

If you're a fan of Harry Potter, then taking a selfie at Kings Cross Station Platform 9 3/4 is a must. Located just one stop away from Victoria Station, this iconic platform has become an essential part of the Harry Potter experience in London, and it's perfect for getting some magical-looking photos. All you need to do is find the famous trolley half-buried in one of the walls and snap a few pics - don't forget to use your best magic wand pose!

Thanks to the popularity of the magical series, this part can often get busy, so you'll need to be patient to capture that perfect photo. But it's well worth it to get a photo of this whimsical place where fiction meets reality, and it's a cheap and easy thing to do while waiting for a train at Victoria Station.

Battersea Power Station

Across the river Thames, you'll find a unique and iconic place that's well worth visiting if you have a little more time on your hands. Battersea Power Station is an old industrial site that has recently been transformed into a thriving cultural hub. The beautiful brick building is perfect for getting some interesting photos, and there are also plenty of shops, restaurants, and other attractions located nearby. It's the perfect spot to take some cool selfies – just make sure you stick around long enough to explore all that Battersea has to offer!

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

No trip to London would be complete without getting a selfie with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in the background. While this iconic monument is not located near Victoria Station, it's definitely worth making the extra effort to get there. After all, even if you don't make it on time for your train, nothing beats getting a photo with one of London's most famous landmarks!

This historic building is best seen from Westminster Bridge, which offers great views of the river Thames as well as an up-close look at Big Ben itself. The bridge also makes for an excellent spot to take some stunning photos that capture the beauty and majesty of London. Be sure to arrive early so you can witness the sun come up over Big Ben – and take some amazing selfies as well.

Hyde Park

Last but not least, Hyde Park is an ideal spot for taking selfies. This popular Royal Park is easily reached from Victoria Station, and it's a great place to take some quick photos before heading off on your journey. With its open-air theatre, rolling hills, and huge lake, Hyde Park offers many different photo opportunities, from classical architecture to flowering gardens to the iconic Serpentine Bridge that stretches across the lake. Whether you're looking for a perfect background or just a stunning view of London itself, this park has everything you need.


No matter which selfie spots near Victoria Station you choose, one thing is certain – your photos will be unique and amazing. From parks with stunning views of London to historic landmarks and quirky cultural hubs, the area around Victoria Station offers something for everyone. So go ahead and start snapping away on your next visit to this part of town. The end result will be well worth it!

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