Essential Motorcycle Checklist To Follow Before Going On Long Trip

You have to admit the fact that after the Covid-19 outbreak, many people have understood the importance of traveling and exploring new places. There is a vast number of travel enthusiasts who have increased their frequency of traveling across a wide choice of places. And most enthusiastic travelers prefer to explore unexplored regions on a motorcycle to feel the adventure across every single mile.

Undoubtedly, it's an overwhelming, thrilling, and engaging experience to travel a long route on your motorcycle. It gives you immense pleasure to best witness the beauty of nature, feel the natural air, see-through wide quarters across the destination, and enjoy every bit of moment.

It does not matter if you are an avid long-route motorcycle rider or want to start exploring after deciding to buy online bikes as per your preference. You can best explore the regions by following a few essential checklists and staying on the safe side.

So, here in this blog, we will be sharing a checklist to follow, before embarking on a long motorcycle journey.

Check your bike's frame: First and foremost, you must inspect the frame of your existing or even new motorcycle for finding any dents, scratches, or even welding areas. Do rotate the handlebar in the left and right direction to ensure a smooth set of movements that allows you to ride the motorcycle seamlessly. If you find anything that seems off with the handlebar not moving efficiently or some break in the frame, then check with the mechanic. In case, you require to change the spare, then do make any delay in buying bike spare parts online of your ride.

Do ensure the air in wheels & its quality: The bike wheels play an integral role in making your long route journey go smooth and hassle-free. Any kind of jerk in the wheel movement can destroy your travel and prevent you from reaching on time. Therefore, it is essential to check the air pressure in your motorcycle wheels. Apart from this, inspect the overall condition of the wheels to repair any sort of dent, leakage, or breakdown part. Moreover, do carry a portable air-filling component with you while traveling across far-off destinations and make sure the pressure is full.

Ensure lights are working fine: Check the lighting part of your bike including headlight, taillight, indicators, and parking light. All such lights must be working fine to showcase the required illumination on dark spots while covering a long set of distances. Also, if there is a requirement, then add additional lights by shopping for lighting-specific online bike accessories in a matter of short time.

Do apply brakes wisely: Another important part of a motorcycle that must be tested and inspected carefully are the rear and front brakes. Undoubtedly, you cannot ignore the importance of your bike's braking system. In whatever situation, you ought to change the brake wire, lever, and brake shoe before start riding for long. 

Chain sprocket must be working efficiently: It is important to keep the chain and chain sprocket well lubricated to ensure hassle-free rotation and allow the bike's wheels to move seamlessly. Check the current condition of the chain system and ensure timely repair work, if required. As far as lubrication is concerned, do use mild oil on the specific chain system components.

Battery must be charged: As you already know the fact that battery gives the required power to your motorcycle and provides the starting and lighting efficiency. Make sure to charge up the motorcycle's battery before start riding towards a particular choice of destination.

Wiring and controls must be fine: Last but not least, check the overall wiring system of your motorcycle. Especially, wires responsible for passing electric current and lighting up the lights. You must inspect for any wire cracks and breakage to prevent any hassle in the ride.

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